Review of When Vonka Falls!

Review of Spectrum/Custom RequestsWhen Vonka Falls! – 22 mins

The Spectrum camera starts rolling with none other than the beautiful and fierce Vonka Romanov front and center. She’s bikini clad, the only other attire on her sexy body being a pair of athletic sneakers. Vonka wastes NO time before launching into her formidable tirade! Vonka has just learned that she’s been slotted, YET AGAIN, to fight Keri Spectrum. She hems and haws, truly screaming at some points, as she just can’t fathom why they keep scheduling her for matches against the constantly losing Keri Spectrum. How insulting! Vonka even goes as far as to boldly say that the ONLY way Keri could ever POSSIBLY win would be if she cheated or played dirty….like with a weapon or a sneak attack….”something like that”, she remarks. Vonka is high key FURIOUS. Vonka is SO very angry, in fact, that she hasn’t even noticed Ms. Spectrum slowly creeping up behind her. While Keri may have found Vonka’s irritable musings silly at first, that opinion has long since changed. Keri is completely insulted beyond all measure and ready to tear up her newest foe. Keri creeps up behind Vonka as stealthily as she can…..ever so quietly. Vonka just keeps right on running her mouth, none the wiser to the fact that things are going to take a dangerous turn for the worse! Upon reaching Vonka, the first thing Keri does is lean down, pull back and swing with all her might to deliver a nauseatingly vicious low blow punch! Vonka has equal looks of shock and agony cross her face, but before she can turn around, Keri launches phase two of her attack: a double hammer fist to the back of her skull. That second strike drops Vonka to her knees, where she sways and struggles to stay conscious. It’s clearly a lost cause as her pretty blue eyes roll aimlessly into the back of her head just as she collapses completely to the mats. Keri smirks over her, loving the little twitches and convulsions Vonka exhibits in her limp state. Keri goes on to explain the the un-moving Ms. Romanov that she WILL be completely and utterly dominating her today. Keri stays unerringly true to her words as she completely destroys Vonka throughout the entire match. That very first sneak attack really left poor Vonka reeling, and the mastermind of Keri has no qualms about barrelling on with not a moment to breathe. Vonka is barely ‘with it’ as Keri puts her through several of her favorite submission and limp inducing holds/tactics. Each hold that Keri applies to Vonka eventually sends her slowly to the land of limpness….which Keri is VERY careful to check thoroughly, even accusing Vonka of playing Possum more than once! Each time Keri is sure Vonka is really over and over and out, she issues a sexy single leg hook 5 count pin (or 5 count matchbook pin). Poor little jobber girl Vonka is little more than out on her feet as Keri unleashes her wrestling repertoire on her. Each time Vonka succumbs to one of Keri’s tactics, she’s left twitching and eye rolling in a heap. After what feels like forever (to Vonka) and when Keri is having an incredibly hard time rousing her to continue the one sided ‘match’, the conclusion begins. With how egotistical Vonka was at the start, Keri DEFINITELY wants to take her down a peg….or 10. Her plan? While Vonka is limp and lovely face down, Keri unties and removes her string bikini top and rolls her over, exposing her beautiful breasts. Vonka begins to come around from the abrupt motion, and it’s barely a second or two before she yelps and attempts to cover her bare breasts. Before she can berate Keri for exposing her, the enraged blonde is already on her! Keri leaps behind Vonka and applies a crippling reverse bear hug. She squeezes and squeeze Vonka, who gasps and struggles for air. The harder Vonka struggles, the tighter Keri squeezes. Just as before, Vonka begins fading. Keri holds her face close to Vonka’s and whispers her diabolical intentions to her as she’s going down and out. Vonka whimpers her misery before collapsing, limp, against Keri Spectrum. Keri lays Vonka flat on the mats and does several victory poses over her, taking her sweet time to explain to the camera just who the boss was HERE today.

I’ve been asking to see more of Vonka playing the jobber and I have really gotten that here with this excellent squash match. First of all, just look at how amazing Vonka looks in her super tiny bikini and sneakers. It just really shows off her fit body so well, I love it. Keri Spectrum sneak attacks a trash talking Vonka and then goes on to dominate her with KOs and pins galore. If anyone needed more proof that Vonka can play an amazing jobber, look no further than this video. Vonka is excellent, she gives us great eye rolling KOs, some twitching and is the perfect KO’d victim. Keri runs Vonka through the wringer with KO after KO, using a nice array of moves, some moves are just for the KO, while others might score a KO, but were definitely used more for the humiliation. Most of the KOs come with a five count pin, which doesn’t slow the action down too much and is definitely a bonus for me. Things get even better as this squash wraps up, when Keri decides to kick things up a bit by removing Vonka’s top before the final KO. The final KO give us another great look at Vonka’s excellent selling, before Keri takes a final pin and some victory poses as she it just so proud that she crushed Vonka in this match, even though she had to sneak attack her to do it. Then she leaves a KO’d, topless, twitching Vonka on the mats, for someone else to find. I can only hope that we get to see more and more videos with Vonka taking the L, as I really think people have missed the boat on just how great of a jobber Vonka can be.

Overall Score: 10/10