Review of When the pupil defeats the teacher

Review of DefeatedWhen the pupil defeats the teacher – 15 Mins

StellaStella vs Nina headscissors battle. Nina has never won a match, always ending up at someone’s feet. The match begins with Stella dominant, easy for her. Nina drools in her scissors and seem like she’ll be knocked out really soon. She manages to escape from Stella’s scissor this time… Stella is joking about her, but she gets dazed by a punch in the belly that sends her on the floor. Stella was underestimating Nina’s bravery. Stella gets trapped in Nina’s powerful scissors. Stella barely escapes from Nina’s grasp, but again she gets belly punched and begins to get weaker and weaker. Nina continues to hit her stomach until her teacher, Stella, is on the floor. To humiliate her more she takes Stella’s top off. Stella can’t get back up, she gets punched again and finally Nina can KO her in a beautiful headscissors, leaving Stella drooling on the floor.

Got some more great Defeated action for you guys and although not a one sided, this another great defeat for my favorite Defeated jobber, Stella. It’s great how this one happens too. Stella is confident as can be going up against Nina and the fact that she starts out in control gets her confidence even higher. Nina looks like she’s in big trouble too, starting to look dazed and drooling, but somehow manages to slip free just in time. Stella is too busy trash talking to notice the belly punch heading her way. Stella folds up from the punch, but doesn’t go down without a fight. The ladies battle back and forth a bit, but soon Stella finds herself dazed, topless and trapped in another scissors, now too weak to break free. We are again treated to amazing eyerolling, eyecrossing, twitching and drooling from Stella as she fights unconsciousness. Soon enough she does pass out, giving Nina her first win at Defeated. A great headscissors battle, a ton of fun, very well done and another great jobber performance by Stella.

Overall Score: 9.5/10