Review of When Elizabeth Met Shaman

Review of DefeatedWhen Elizabeth Met Shaman – 18.5 mins

Queen Elizabeth is explaining to the camera that even though she lost to Valerie, who cheated anyway, she got her revenge and therefor is still undefeated, in her opinion and still The Queen. Our newest male wrestler, known as Shaman, walks in behind her and taps on shoulder. The Queen, Cocky as always says, just because you’re a guy, you thing you can beat me? She tries to push him back, but Shaman doesn’t move an inch, he just laughs. Then without a single word Shaman picks Elizabeth up into a tight bearhug. The Queen fights as hard as she can, but is soon KO’d on the mats, gasping for air. Shaman doesn’t let up, he picks Elizabeth up in several moves, from reverse bearhugs to torture racks, even a full nelson, putting The Queen to sleep and leaving her gasping for air again and again, until another reverse bearhug drains the last bit of life from Elizabeth. Shaman isn’t done however, as her ragdolls the now twitching Queen, using a sleeperhold, straight jacket strangle, belly punches, boston crab and a body scissors, before stripping Elizabeth her top and pinning her for a 10 count. He picks her up and carries around her topless, limp and still twitching body, showing her off for the camera. A final reverse bearhug, to make sure she’ll be out for a while, then a victory pose ends Shaman’s introduction, as he asks an interesting question to our sleeping queen, “What are you The Queen of anyway? … Maybe The Queen of jobbers? … The Queen of ragdolls? … The Queen of losers?”

More Defeated action for you guy and it’s another awesome Elizabeth destruction from the mind of yours truly. I was forewarned that Defeated was bringing in a new guy and I was able to squeeze an order in to introduce him to you guys, and what better way that to dominate Elizabeth? So, meet Shaman guys! He’s definitely a powerful a guy and in great shape, which is great for tossing Elizabeth around, which is what I went for on the first half of this one. After a little trash talk for the cocky queen herself, still claiming to be undefeated, even after another recent loss, I asked to them to use anything that has Elizabeth’s feet off the ground, so we get bearhugs, torture racks and fireman’s carries, which all seemed very easy for Shaman to do, all while Elizabeth struggles for air, but is somewhat conscious. I do love the gasping for air and overall dizziness she displays. As always with Elizabeth, she sells her ass off for all of this, whether winning or losing, we always get wonderful performances from Elizabeth. In the second half is much more like what you guys would expect for me, over the top ragdoll action. After a reverse bearhug slowly saps the life out of Elizabeth she’s ragdolled through several moves. This reverse bearhug maybe my favorite part of the video, the noise she makes, the way she twitches and the fact that it takes about 30 seconds or so for her to go all the way out is fantastic. Then for the ragdolling section I asked for submission moves on the ground and some belly punches. All the moves look great, the belly punches are sold amazingly, there’s a good amount of twitching and a lot of great close ups of Elizabeth face, showing off those beautiful eyes as they roll and cross. I ended this with a little clothing removal, a twitchy leg hook pin (of course), a little carrying and a final reverse bearhug. All again look really good, with some great angles for the carries. Overall, I’m super happy with this, but a few things I’d like to mention. First, I understand Defeated wanting everyone just to see what great shape Shaman is in, but this isn’t about him, or how good he looks, a shirt would be great next time. I don’t want him and the girls competing for skimpiest outfit. Next, I didn’t know where to put this, but I have got to say how great the lighting is here, Elizabeth’s hair almost glows and everything is super clear and well-lit, and finally, Shaman is a little hard to understand with the deep voice he puts on, so just make sure he speaks loud and clear, even if he has to use his normal voice. I like the “demon voice” but if I can’t understand him it’s not worth it. I am definitely a happy customer again, and I look forward to what madness Defeated can come up with their new evil-doer, Shaman.

Overall Score: 10/10