Review of What was Meryl Thinking?

Review of DefeatedWhat was Meryl Thinking? – 13.5 mins

Not really sure what Meryl was thinking, but she’s challenged Meda to a one on one matchup. Even Meda checks to makes sure this is what Meryl wants before beginning the match. Meryl seems fearless as she confirms that she wants this match and is even given the first free shot, a belly punch that has no effect on Meda, then Meryl tries to lock up and push Meda, which also has no effect and Meda reverses it into a strait jacket strangle. Meryl is already in big trouble as Meda starts to bend Meryl with a bow and arrow stretch, with her foot planted in Meryl’s back, followed by a sleeperhold that almost puts Meryl out cold. A massive reverse bearhug and a foot buried deep in Meryl’s belly comes next. Meryl is really getting weak now, but this match has only just begun. A series of chokes and sleeper finally put Meryl out cold, and that’s where the twitching and ragdolling begins, but the fight is not nearly over. Meda spends the next almost ten minutes playing with her new ragdoll, bending her, twisting her, squeezing her and choking her in many ways. Meryl stays out for the rest of the video, only able to moan in agony and twitch whenever she’s left lying on the mats. Finally Meda has had all the fun she can with the limp and twitchy Meryl. Meda rolls her up for a final ten count pin and leaves Meryl to think about the drastic mistake she made challenging Meda.

Back with more Defeated action and we are getting back to the crazier, more OTT side of Defeated with this squash/ragdoll match. I have got to tip my hat to Meryl, for being one of the newest members of the Defeated roster, she has proven that she is more than capable of doing everything we have thrown her way. This time she bravely takes on Meda, a force to be reckoned with, but Meryl is at first fearless, and by time she’s realized the mistake she’s make, it’s too late. Meryl does her best to fight back while she’s conscious, but there’s no getting away from Meda. And it’s not too long before she’s out cold, a total ragdoll, twitching all over the place. Meda of course has no trouble tossing the limp redhead all around the mats, twisting and bending her at will. It’s a great ragdoll match, that’s not super OTT, but with twitching and ragdolling is over the top enough to be an instant favorite for me. It’s great to have Meda back destroying all that stand before her and I couldn’t be happier with Meryl, I love that she is willing and capable of playing any role.

Overall Score: 9.9/10