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Review of Bondage Girls Gagged and FondledWENONA in: SPY GIRL KO’d (SLEEPY INTERROGATION!) – 21 Mins

wenonaBeautiful spy girl Wenona sneaks into the living room of a cruel slavery leader after slipping something into his drink. In her bra and panties the overconfident agent begins to hack into the slaver’s laptop in an attempt to get information about his operation! Unfortunately for Wenona her plan was discovered and the slaver avoided her trick! He slowly walks up behind the sneaky spy girl as the arrogant agent boasts of her skills, then dramatically SUBDUES her! As the shocked spy girl MMMMMPHs in dismay she is slowly and dramatically taken down and her sexy body is roughly manhandled by the brutal slaver! He tells her that her trick failed as she mumbles incoherently and slumps in his arms! The sneaky spy girl is relentlessly groped, frequently handgagged (HOM hand over mouth), is repeatedly SUBDUED and forced to endure spanking, pussy fondling, bare feet fondling, sleepy interrogations, taunting & kinky slavery dialog, etc. Lots of over the shoulder carrying (OTS carrying) in this one as well. WHAT WILL BE THE FATE OF THE SNEAKY MUFFLED SPY GIRL?

 A nice limp play video here, from a rather large production better known as If you been around the sleepy, limp fetish scene for more than a day, you’ve probably seen their work somewhere. Well, I saw they did some vids with one of my favorite fetish girls Wenona and decided to have a look. As I expected this vid is jam packed the chloro KOs, hand gagging, limp play, and fondling, everything else takes a back seat, which is fine because what I came to see is delivered in full. They do a nice job of moving the senses around the house which is a small detail, but it’s better than groping Wenona on the couch for 20 mins. Especially because she’s always carried away to the next place. He does a nice job of getting a little bit of every inch of Wenona some attention, he’s mainly focused on her face and upper body, but still does well mixing it up. It’s also nice the way that he doesn’t take her clothes off, until the very end, but just exposes her body. Wenona, of course, is perfect, in looks, and acting. She struggles to get free at every chance she gets, when gets starts get a little too strong, another dose of chloro slows her back down and sometimes back out. Overall, I love Wenona, I really enjoy her sexy sleepy stuff and this was a solid pick for what I was looking for.

Overall Score: 9/10