Review of Well, You Asked for It

Review of DefeatedWell, You Asked for It – 19.5 mins

After Elizabeth was introduced to Ninel and got her not so royal welcome, The Queen is upset and back in front of the camera demanding to face the champ, because she still doesn’t really know who attacked her last time. Well, ask and you shall receive, Ninel enters and starts comparing her body to Elizabeth’s, asking The Queen where is her muscle. After some trash talking and muscle flexing between the two, the fight gets under way. Things start out as a fist fight, but things already start poorly for Elizabeth. Ninel knocks Elizabeth back and knocks her down with quick and hard punches to the face. Elizabeth is dazed, but keeps getting back up, asking for more. After Ninel has clearly won the fist fight section, Ninel starts torturing Elizabeth with painful submission holds, bending The Queen every way she pleases. Next Ninel decides to show off some of her power as she lifts and carries Elizabeth with ease. Ninel carries Elizabeth in a few different ways before she makes Elizabeth worship her muscles, uses the helpless Elizabeth as weights to do some squats and then finally finishes off The Queen with another torture rack, that KOs Elizabeth again and leaves her twitching on the floor as the perfect victim for Ninel’s victory pose.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and again we have more of Elizabeth’s adventures from her trip to Hungary, and again she’s taking on the newest Defeated addition, Ninel and again Elizabeth gets absolutely crushed. Of course these are all good things for me, as I love seeing Elizabeth get crushed and I have been super impressed with Ninel already. I really enjoyed the fist fighting part of this, which was probably my favorite part of the vid. Watching as Elizabeth gets knocked down, stumbling back to her feet just to get knocked down again was great. On the contrary, my least favorite part was the carrying stuff, as much as it is cool to see that Ninel is strong enough to carry Elizabeth without any trouble, which is great for what moves Ninel can someday do to Elizabeth or someone her size, lift and carry stuff just isn’t my jam, but that’s ok. The submission moves and final KO are my jam and Elizabeth of course sells the crap out of it here and I get plenty of nice twitching for those parts as well. Even the muscle worshipping was good because Ninel is calm, but direct and also a kind of funny as she demands Elizabeth to do as she says. Speaking of muscles, even though Ninel is clearly bigger, Elizabeth is no laughing matter, she’s looks really good too while they were doing their body comparisons in the beginning. Overall, it’s another great Elizabeth squash and another nice display of the power Ninel has, I look forward to more videos quite similar to this one.

Overall Score: 9/10