Review of Welcome Home, Madison

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsWelcome Home, Madison – 16 Mins

twoA few months ago, Madison left us for a summer job up north. Becca thought it would be fun to throw a little surprise party for her (see “Thanks for the Party“) and attacked her in the studio. But Madison managed to turn the tables on Becca and beat the stuffing out of her! Recently, when Madison returned, Becca tried the same trick! We join Madison in the dressing room where she finds a party invitation slipped under the door. Well, Madison isn’t fooled and goes into the ring room where Becca tries to jump her. Madison quickly spins Becca around and gives her an atomic drop! But Becca planned for this and when Madison’s back is turned, Vanessa Harding emerges from the curtain to begin a MAJOR beat down on the stunned girl! Once in the ring, Vanessa literally destroys poor Madison as Becca smiles from ring side. Madison is beaten with a torture rack, a body slam, a boston crab, knee and shoulder smashes in the corners, face punches, and hard body splashes. Vanessa finally pulls the nearly unconscious Madison to her feet and delivers two stunners! When she yanks Madison up for a third one Becca steps into the ring, says “Thank you for your services”, and hands Vanessa a 20 dollar bill. Vanessa argues that she was supposed to get $100 but Becca tells her that she could have done all the same things to Madison! Vanessa leaves the ring and Becca plants her foot on Madison’s face and begins to count her out. But, the evil blond isn’t quite done and delivers her version of “The People’s Elbow” to the knocked out Madison then begins the count again. However, Vanessa still wants her money and attacks Becca, knocking her out with a sleeper hold. The tough veteran piles the girls up and leaves them both unconscious in the ring.

Now this is exactly how to make a sequel better than the original. I love the setup, with Madison expecting another sneak attack from Becca, but even better is Becca’s backup plan of bringing in Vanessa. Vanessa absolutely destroys Madison in excellent fashion, blocking her patented big kick, that Madison used to turn the tides on Becca in the first one, and continuing her dominance until Madison is a total ragdoll. Then Becca gets overly cocky, telling Vanessa to hit the road, which you know is going to backfire on Becca, but not before Becca hits a People’s Elbow on the already out cold Madison. I absolutely love that Becca did this finisher, even tossing off an elbow pad. I think that may be the first people’s elbow I’ve ever seen on the fantasy female wrestling side of things and it was just as electrifying. However, said elbow pad was tossed directly at Vanessa and she make sure Becca gets it back, stuffing it in her mouth after the sleeper and stunner leaves Becca just as out cold as Madison. Then of course we get a body pile a victory pose from Vanessa. This video is just awesome. Getting even a little ragdolling from FWR is monumental to me and the fact that it happened to Madison and Becca makes it even better. Becca and Madison were flawless with all their selling, Vanessa did what she does best, destroy everyone, and the story works perfectly. Absolute greatness here folks.

Overall score 10/10