Review of Sensually SavageWEBCAM PLAYTIME – 18 mins

Keri Spectrum stars in this fantasy scenario as she begins a webcam Skype call with her sweetie.  Wearing a tight blue one piece she suggests that since they can’t be together she has a bit of role-play she would like to try.  Narrating for her sweetheart, she plays herself on the receiving end of Belly Punches, Sleeper Holds, whimpering and gasping while she describes what’s happening. Reacting to invisible punches until she’s “Knocked out”.  Over and over she’s worked over, struggling to get to her feet, woozy and dazed, describing every kick, every choke, every hold, and getting more and more aroused.

Sensually Savage puts a new spin on the invisible opponent idea with this video. So instead of being attacked by surprise from an opponent she can’t see, or sometimes only we can’t see, this time the star of our invisible beating, Keri Spectrum, is putting on a show for her significant other via skype. I think that’s a pretty cool idea for an invisible foe video. And Keri puts on a pretty great show for us or him, or for both really. Of course it’s a one sided beat down and it is filled with belly punches, face punches, some submissions and plenty of choke outs. Keri’s reactions are fairly over the top, with great eye rolling, tongue protrusion and some twitching. The once piece fits Keri’s tone body really nicely and looks excellent on her. There’s plenty of KOs and some sexy KO poses. This was definitely Keri showing off her selling skills and the veteran skills are quite amazing. Overall, it’s great vid with some great selling and a storyline that just works perfect.

Overall Score: 9.5/10