Review of WCCW293 Sumiko VS Anne Marie

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Review of World Custom Championship WrestlingWCCW293 Sumiko VS Anne Marie – 16 mins

Making her WCCW debut is Anne Marie taking on Sumiko in a pro style match. Things didn’t go to well for Anne Marie in this match, she was completely overwhelmed by the skills of Sumiko and was beaten to a pulp. Sumiko didn’t take her foot off the gas for second in this match constantly staying on the offense and giving Anne Marie a beatdown she won’t forget. This one is for one-sided fans.

Here’s one from a production I literally know nothing about. I found this vid just looking for random Sumiko vids on C4S. I saw that it was her and Anne, read that I was a squash match and I was sold. No idea on anything else about the video. The good news is, since it is Sumiko and Anne-Marie, the action is pretty good, much like you would expect from these two professionals. The moves are much like we would get from them at SKW, even getting a piledriver ending. The camera work is OK, definitely not on the SKW level. This cameraman seemed a little slow to move in for the better shots, but did get there eventually and the video quality isn’t quite on par with other productions. The match has a lot of KOs and a lot of different pins. Anne shows some resilience, kicking out of most of the pins, but does go down for three different falls eventually. For a shot in the dark video, this one worked out pretty well, mainly because it was Sumiko and Anne. I did look around this production a little bit and aside from another Anne vs Sumiko vid, most of the vids are done on hotel beds, with a wide variety of talented ladies. I’m not one for the hotel scene vids, but maybe the right combination of girls will sell me on another video from WCCW. For now, this one isn’t bad to check out.

Overall Score: 8/10