Review of Vores for Wear

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Review of Kayla ObeyVores for Wear – 15 mins

Kayla is activated and rises from the bed in her underwear. On the bed is a pile of clothes with some high top converse that her Master has left her. She gets dressed and slowly slips into her sneakers. Suddenly, she is struck with a malfunction and shakes violently, even lifting up her shirt and groping herself before yanking her jeans down to her ankles. She grabs her ass and then pulls her underwear up into a wedgie, rising up on her tiptoes before shutting down and crumpling to the floor, ass up. She wakes again, a different pair of athletic clothes and Asics sneakers have been left for her. After getting dressed she puts on her shoes and does up the laces. She stretches and flexes a bit before she’s struck again and shakes around as if being electroshocked. She shuts down and falls limp to the floor. She comes to and realizes she’s stuck! Trapped in the belly of the blankets, legs and ass free trying to kick and wiggle to get loose. She twinkles her toes rapidly trying to get loose before sighing in defeat and going limp. She wakes up a third time, this time a little confused. Getting dressed into her new outfit, with her ankle converse she looks for her Master. Knocking on a door to see if he’s around, she gets a shock and collapses to the floor…her body is dragged into the room, slurping sounds leaving to your imagination what has happened to poor robo-Kayla!

This is another interesting Kayla Obey video, this one has these longer section of watching Kayla get dressed before she has a malfunction that KOs her or she gets stuck in blanket struggling wildly for a bit before laying still or she gets assumingly gobbled up by some kind of monster who spits her clothing back out. Even though the getting dressed scenes are longer then the KOs/stuck/vore scenes, I actually really like the getting dressed parts. It’s kind of a voyeur fetish thing, like a creepy peeper watching their sexy neighbor getting dressed in the morning. And even thought I don’t really have a shoe fetish exactly, I do like having shoes or other footwear added to my fetish, especially converse, so these scenes after KO is dressed work excellently for me. I also just can’t get enough of Kayla, the way she acts out these roles I feel only makes sense coming from Kayla. The first KO where she literally pulls her pants down, gives herself a wedgie and then falls down in the fan fav darri-air pose, for some reason, I just don’t feel like anyone can do it quite like Kayla, she just knows how to make it work. This is quite the unique video an Kayla just knows how to make it awesome.

Overall Score: 9/10