Review of Virtue Tamed!

Review of Next Global CrisisVirtue Tamed! – Season 3 / Side Mission 6 – 11 Mins

NGC 6Virtue goes to question a group of Darkhearts, but they surprise her with a special gas which renders her helpless. The four bad guys go to work on her, making her sorry she confronted them. But Comet Girl is on hand to save the day — or so she thinks…

Although season 4 has officially started, I can’t leave season 3 halfway through. In this side mission Virtue is looking to get some answers from a higher up in the Darkhearts, only to find out that he doesn’t have anything to say. She figures she’d at least kick some butt since she’s there. Things start out ok, but suddenly go sideways when she gets sprayed in the face by some kind of chemical. She’s helpless from that point and is beaten up and KO’d. Just then Comet Girl comes in to save the day and actually does so, using her super speed the avoiding trouble. As the Darkhearts run off Comet Girl checks on Virtue and surprisingly attacked by her. This is more great story writing for NGC as well as great action. I love these videos, they always come up with cool and interesting way to defeat heroines, although we don’t quite know what this chemical is yet, which will be answered in the next episode I’m sure. Virtue is the star of this one and she is excellent in every way. I love how they shoot/edit these videos as well, they always feel exciting. And of course there’s an alternate ending, were things don’t go so well for Comet Girl, which is always nice to see.

Overall Score: 9/10