Review of Violet’s Training Session

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Violet’s Training Session – 11.5 mins

This video is intended to be an introduction of our newest fem, Violet. She’s never done any wrestling so Tani joins us to demonstrate some holds on her. Our resident redhead applies a camel clutch, a side head scissor, a corner foot choke, a corner head scissor, a dragon sleeper, a combination leg lock and chin lock, and a sleeper hold. We even have a few outtakes that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Please note that we coach Violet throughout the video and help her with her reactions, eye rolls & eye crossing (which she’s really good at!), and “knockouts” and look forward to featuring her in a true FWR wrestling video soon!

And the new talent flowing into FWR continues with yet another new addition as Violet joins the force. I have got to say this is pretty exciting times at FWR, so much new talent coming in that we haven’t really gotten the chance to really get know many of them, but I am excited for when we do get that chance. This is actually a pretty cool way to introduce a new girl. The vids is like half in character, and half not in character, or at least if felt like that to me. A lot of this was Tani and Rick talking Violet through a few different holds, telling what they are and kind of how to sell them. Then near the end we get a few KOs which of course are in character and we get some really great eye reactions from Violet. This vid feels a bit like it’s a behind the scenes vid, even though it’s not, but not as “acted out” as most videos are. I’m struggling to find the words for what I mean exactly, but hopefully I’ve made some sense. Either way, this was a cool and different way to be introduced to a new roster member and I enjoyed the experience and I’m again excited to see more of this new FWR girl, Violet.

Overall Score: 8/10