Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldVIKA’S FIRST DAY – 17 mins

The beautiful VIKA makes a stunning SKW debut!!! We fade in on Anne-Marie stretching on the mats, waiting for her new opponent.  Vika enters and observes, smirking and moving in to greet the SKW veteran, who offers her hand and a smile.  Vika SLAPS Anne across the face, stunning her…and starting off their match sooner rather than later.  Anne-Marie’s pain turns to rage, and even though Vika’s a taller girl, Anne has experience and sheer will.  She uses it to COMPLETELY dominate Vika in this amazing one-sided squash, one that features some excellent selling from the suddenly outclassed Vika…and a side of Anne-Marie you’ve never seen before!  After a barrage of submission and KO attacks, Anne finishes Vika, adds some humiliation victory poses just for fun, and leaves a little message scrawled across her opponent’s stomach!

Vika making her SKW debut is a moment I think we all highly anticipated, well that moment is here and if you haven’t noticed already, it has lived up to the hype. Vika comes in cocky as can be and gets completely destroyed by an unexpected opponent, Anne-Marie. It’s super rare that we get to see Anne even win a match, much less dominate one. And even though she’s one of my favorite jobbers on the planet, it was really cool to see her trash talking, dominating and humiliating in the heel role for a change. And what should be shocking to no one at all is how amazing Vika was selling the jobber role. She starts off as cocky and confident as can be, but gets crushed 3 rounds in a row. The funny thing is Vika’s selling actually reminds me of Anne-Marie, the way she sell agony is a lot like Anne, and I think Vika looks a little bit like Anne in general. Vika also does some really nice eyerolling and tongue protrusion throughout the beatdown as well. The thing that makes this one really awesome is how it ends, starting with back to back tombstone piledrivers, a very sexy pin, then two great and humiliating victory poses, then and extend sleeper with a neck snap that leaves Vika with her eyes stuck open and crossed and her tongue sticking out, but it’s not over yet as Anne-Marie writes across her stomach and does one more humiliating victory pose to end the video. I am so happy that Vika was able to visit SKW and even happier that she did such an amazing job. I hope she gets to visit again soon.

Overall Score: 9.9/10