Review of Vika vs Tracy pro style wrestling feud!

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Review of Fem WarzVika vs Tracy pro style wrestling feud! – 21 Mins

femwarzWelcome to a fresh new feel and look. Pro style wrestling at its best! All American gal Tracy takes on baddy Russian Vika in a no holds barred pro style wrestling match! Both woman in pro gear one pieces and boots! Both ready to do whatever it takes to get the 10 count pin! Vika and Tracy are not scared to get dirty as they both use brawl tactics with punches and kicks. Both use a variety of holds that include scissors, splashes, facesitting, boston crabs and pin attempts! Both woman are exhausted during the match holding hurt body parts. Eventually one woman gets hit with a nasty PILEDRIVER maneuver that puts an end to one opponent! And a 10 count pin to finish the match!

I have reviewed some work from these guys before and have recently been asked to take a look at them again. The first thing is they mention a fresh and new look, well, nothing fresh and new when it comes to the wrestling. Now before you wave this off, that’s not a bad thing, I am a huge fan of the pro style look, love the converse boots and knee pads, and both ladies look great in them. Also the wrestling itself is good, ground based prostyle submission wrestling. The holds look good, the ladies sell them quite well, the action is done at a good pace and solid back and forth action. There’s some exhaustion involved too, the ladies are definitely winded and tired but time this gets near the end. There’s even a little trash talk, not too much but a little here and there. Also, a piledriver finisher and long prostyle pin is always a plus. So not being so fresh and new, not a bad thing. Now, I don’t know these ladies and they did a poor job of telling me which one is besides for Tracy is American and Vika is Russian. It’s pretty hard to pick up on any accents but I think Vika is in green but I’m not sure. Also there was a pretty clear mess up on the first piledriver attempt, the ladies stayed in character and nailed the second time, but could have edited that out. Overall, this was pretty good, just need to clearly identify the wrestlers and a little touch of editing if there’s a mess up, other than that I was happy with the look and performances of both ladies.

Overall Score: 8.5/10