Review of Vika Over and Out

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Review of Helpless and UnawareVika Over and Out – 11 mins

Vika comes home from the club and plops down on the floor, complaining to Grant how her feet hurt from dancing so much at the club.  Well, she owes Grant $50, so she has a lot of nerve talking about going out to the club without him.  She goes on until he’s had enough and takes a book and whacks her over the head.  The look of utter confusion on Vika’s face is priceless and she sways sided to side, eyes rolling back in her head as she teeters and finally drops to the floor. You’re watching everything from Grant’s POV.  She is lying there with her tongue out and completely unaware, so Grant helps himself to some views of her panties under her shiny mini skirt.  Vika wakes back up, but immediately Grant puts her back out with a bonk to the head!  He’s enjoying her over the top reactions… the eye crossing and eyerolls are awesome as her body fights to stay alert and loses.  Knowing he’s got some time to play with now, Grant pulls up her sheer shirt to expose her fancy matching bra.  He manipulates her limbs, checks her eyes and plays with her pretty toes before she wakes up, talking about her weird dream!  Grant confirms that her dreams were actually reality and just to confirm that, bonks her over the head again.  This time, he rolls her limp body on its side to unhook her bra and unzip and remove her skirt. He seems to be taking that $50 back in trade.  She wakes one last time but isn’t really with it before a nerve pinch takes her down again.  She really looks beautiful all splayed out and half naked.

This is exactly what I hoped to see from Helpless and Unaware. I’ve reviewed a few of their videos in the past, and have always enjoyed the simple KOs, upskirts and limp play. But now they’ve done a video with the same simple game plan, but with some nice over the top reactions. Lots of eyerolling, tongue protrusion and even a little bit of twitching mixed in there, all done very well by the very sexy Vika. Of course me being me, I would have liked a little bit more twitching, or a lot more, but seriously, I really did love this video and my only true compliant was when it ended, because I was enjoying it some much. I truly do hope for more videos like this, with the good simple style of Helpless and Unaware with some nice over the top reactions mixed in.

Overall Score: 9.5/10