Review of Victoria Taken

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Review of Girls Getting SleepyVictoria Taken – 25.5 Mins

victoriaVictoria is stalked by a man while walking through a wooded park. He waits until she gets back to her SUV, then chloroforms her and stuffs her in the back. He takes her purse and phone and begins to drive her car back to his home when she begins to wake up on the ride back. The man pulls over and gives her a second dose of chloroform, which seems to do the trick. Victoria is out cold, and her limp body is played with extensively back at her abductor’s home. He pays special attention to her pretty, bare feet. When Victoria begins to wake up a second time, she gets hit over the head with a club causing her eyes to go crossed as she fights to stay awake. Again, Victoria is knocked out and her body continues to be played with, even being dressed in a new outfit between scenes. When Victoria wakes up for a third time, she is lulled into a peaceful sleep with hypnotic music from her abductor’s flute. With a slight smile, Victoria calmly goes to sleep on his couch and her kidnapper’s fun continues.

I haven’t seen too much GGS vids lately, not for any reason, just haven’t gotten around to them lately, but one thing still remains the same, Victoria is one of, if not the best, of all their talents. She looks amazing, sells amazing and always make for a good kidnapping. This is also a well filled out storyline. Starting in the woods, having the ride back in the car and then tons and tons of limp play once back home. I like the amount of KOs, especially the one midway through the ride home, because that normally doesn’t happen. I love her heels and all the time it takes to get them off with plenty of great close ups. Great reactions to the KOs from Victoria, the best being the blackjack bonk on the head that has her rolling her eyes for a good while before collapsing to the ground. There’s a ton of great limp play and with the POV style of this vid, there’s lots of close ups of feet, hands, eye and just about everything else in between. The recorder KO for the last KO is a little annoying, only because it’s a short musical loop and it’s a slow KO. So the respective loop is quickly exhausted. Nonetheless, this is my idea of a great limp play video, it’s got a solid set up and plenty of limp play and a good number of KOs to break up the limp play.

Overall Score: 9/10