Review of Victoria Lulled to Sleep

Review of Girls Getting SleepyVictoria Lulled to Sleep – 16.5 mins

Victoria is visiting her aunt and uncle for the week, except her uncle had no idea. She arrives with her overnight bag and immediately starts annoying her uncle. The only way to get her to shut up is to play a lullaby that puts her to sleep. It’s always worked on her before and this time is no different. Victoria doesn’t want to keep falling asleep, but when she hears the music, she can’t fight it for long. When she passes out, her uncle plays with her limp body. He finds her annoying, but still pretty to look at.  Victoria is put to sleep 4 times total.

You know when you see a GGS review from me it’s going to be starring the amazing Victoria. The only person that I need to see from GGS is Victoria. For me, GGS stands for Victoria Getting Sleepy. Anyway, I think you get the point. This time the lovely Victoria is energetic girl visiting her uncle, who burst through the door and immediately starts bouncing all over the place. That quickly comes to and end as POV uncle play a song on his phone the lulls the hyper girls right to sleep. Then we get all the GGS limp play and foot fetish stuff the brand is built on. Every time Victoria wakes up, she puts on the cutest sad face you’ll ever seen before she’s put back to sleep again. We even get a change of clothes for Victoria at the end, for one more of those super cute sad faces and one last KO, which was nice. Overall, Victoria does as she always does and provides an entertaining performance for this simple videos.

Overall Score: 8.5/10