Review of Victoria Knocked Out 2

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Review of Girls Getting SleepyVictoria Knocked Out 2 – 26 Mins

vicVictoria finds out the hard way that her new boyfriend has a sleepy fetish. For no apparent reason, he hits Victoria over the head with a club, just hard enough to knock her silly, and eventually making her pass out cold. While she’s knocked out, her boyfriend plays with her limp body, pulling and manipulating her arms and legs. Victoria wakes up occasionally and her boyfriend decides to mix in new ways to make her unconscious, including hypnosis (at the sound of a bell while under hypnosis, and from the hypnosis itself) as well as from the smell of her own stink sock. Victoria’s soft, bare feet are inspected and rubbed while she is knocked out as well. At the end of the day, Victoria is hypnotized and left with no memory of what has been happening to her all day long.

Here is a Girls Getting Sleepy vid that stands above the norm and most of the time Victoria is the star of these “better than the rest” GGS vids. Also I think it’s worth noting that Victoria doesn’t do nudity and most of her vids she’s dress in pretty modest, yet still sexy street close, yet she has still delivers the best of the GGS content. Victoria is just such a pretty girl and she sells so good, she’s easily my favorite and one of the best at GGS. The story is pretty much the same here as well, Victoria is repeatedly KO’d, giving us a great, silly, eye rolling, eye crossing reaction to every form of KO before going out. I really like that she had her shoes on a lot of this video, even though she lost one fairly early. I am a bigger fan of shoes or boots than bare feet, but still appreciate some bare foot action, like it’s done here. It changes up the mostly barefoot action from GGS, while still getting plenty of the barefoot stuff GGS is famous for. Also very good limp play here. Victory looks very limp as she falls freely from the couch, off her feet or just topples over on her side. So, this is another great performance for Victoria. If you’re going to grab a GGS vid, this is definitely one I strongly suggest.

Overall Score: 9/10


  • Thank you, God, for creating this fantastic creatures that we call “women”! They can drive us mad and bring us orgasms by just playing games like this one! This is the profile of a goddess: A Victoria is “Victorious” goddess defeated by hypnosis. That face would be enough to make this muse masterpiece of Nature, but no… She also have those legs! That ass! That skin! Those arms! Those sweet, perfect and clean feet! Ahhh! Victoria! This is the Victory of life! The victory of glory!

    • we are victorious, because Victoria is willing and able to deliver us content like this.

  • GGS would be far less interesting for me if Victoria quit her job . For my money there were two exceptionally attractive girls on the GGS site that could sell silly knockouts with the best of them , and sadly , the other girl left after filming just two videos for the company , thus leaving Victoria with little to no competition . Earlier this week another ‘ knocked silly ‘ video was released pairing Victoria with another girl whose name escapes me . I think I’ll be checking that one out soon .

    • same, i saw it when grabbing the links to this one. When i get it, you know i’ll review it.

      • I just bought Victoria’s newest knocked silly vid from GGS . You mentioned that you might purchase and review it , and I certainly don’t want to discourage you from doing that , but I wouldn’t make it a priority , either . Victoria is great , although she has done better work in other videos , but her co – star , Rebecca , is kind of annoying . Her ‘ out of it ‘ giggling reminds me of someone’s false laughter when they don’t find the joke very funny , but they don’t want to hurt the joketeller’s feelings by not laughing . However , if you do end up checking it out for yourself , I just hope you enjoy it more than I did .

        • Thanks for the heads up, bur I think I have to get it, just, for Victoria, I guess. Like i owe her or something.

  • Don’t really need to say much haha. I’ve already explained my love of ggs and Victoria to you. Seeing a few of the comments here I feel I was pretty correct about what I said. There are quite a few gyms on the ggs site however there are some pretty lackluster ones. You just have to find the gems and look for their stuff when it comes. Obviously Victoria is one and I think I named a few I would suggest on youtube to you. Most are escaping me atm but one I would highly highly suggest is Aimee. I wouldn’t put her above Victoria but in my opinion she could be. Only reason I wouldn’t is because she hasn’t had near as much to work with. I think shes only had 2-4 videos done so far and most of them had really weak set up/story compared to alot of the ggs vids. Also a bit of lackluster outfits.

    A peeve of mine tho I love them is it seems Like GGS almost always for whatever reason gives the better more unique cool story’s/set up to the no offense to them lesser girls while the better ones in my opinion get much more basic,re hashed and used ones. Not to mention I know you don’t keep up with ggh really but if you did as I do [sometimes some limp stuff even almost ko looking stuff pops up in the ggh vids.] It seems like they put more effort into their ggh vids. Seems like it’s updated more often the better girls do more vids there Aimee a prime example and the better outfits tho I guess thats subjective are worn in the ggh vids.

    I really really wish ggs did customs. A Victoria and Aimee custom be it together in the same video or two different ones would be the pinnacle of the fet for me. But I digress lol there are quite a few gems on ggs.

    • I love how you start with. “i don’t have to say much” then write your longest comment yet. lol I don’t grab too many GGS vid but the stories never seem to be too creative. Customs would definitely help them liven things up a bit because his idea are tired and worn.