Review of Victim Audition

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Review of Kayla ObeyVictim Audition – 8 mins

Kayla found an ad online looking for an actress to play the role of “Victim”. She walks into the audition and introduces herself, and is then asked to change into a variety of outfits and act out different end scenes. She walks into each scene and gets into character. At the end of each take she ends up completely out on the ground, sometimes eyes open, sometimes tongue out. Little does she know, the director loves her acting so much he plans on making her a permanent addition…

This was like a variety showcase for Kayla Obey. We get to see her in a bunch of different outfits, acting out a bunch of difference scenes and it is awesome. It’s like a spy demise video where Kayla plays several different spies getting taken out in different ways. I don’t think there was an outfit I didn’t like. My favorite being the first one with boots, jeans, leather jacket and short shirt, probably because it shows her awesome tone little belly of the most. And I don’t there was a scene I didn’t like, with my favorite one being the very last one, because it was a little twist in the story and because it had the most twitching, but also it had a little drooling. I don’t think we’ve see Kayla drool at all in a vid since “Humiliating Kayla”. I definitely want to see more drooling Kayla. Always more over top for me, of course. Overall, this is an awesome vid, like I said before, with Kayla again working her magic. I also think this was a great video for us to see what kind of outfits Kayla has and gives us a better idea of what we can dress her up in. Hopefully we’ll see Kayla in some of these great outfits, or combination of them soon.

Overall Score: 9.5/10