Review of Vanessa Rules the Ring

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsVanessa Rules the Ring – 16 Mins

You’ll love this creative custom video that features Becca as an innocent rookie wrestler, Madison as a wrestler who is successfully working her way up through the ranks, and Vanessa as the champion female wrestler who destroys them both! The storyline begins with Becca and Madison in a friendly grappling match that Madison easily wins. As Madison is congratulating Becca on getting better, Vanessa enters and asks the girls if they’ll replace a tag team that cancelled on her. An excited Becca manages to convince Madison to accept the match and off we go! Long story short … Vanessa goes to town on the attractively clad beauties! Becca ends up losing the match for her team and Madison loses her cool at the end. “The next time we step in that ring together it will be as opponents! We’re through being partners!” Madison tells the apologetic Becca.

What a fun clips this is, although I wouldn’t call this a vid with two complete jobbers because although Madison does take a good beating for the most part, but she never gets KO’d and at some point holds her own vs Vanessa. Becca however doesn’t even come close to putting up a fight. Even when she’s given the advantage, Becca is too over confident, rushes in and is immediately reversed. The set up for this match is a bit lengthy, but does a wonderful job of setting up the situation. As always, I am a huge fan of the pro style look with the converse boots. I loved the way the match went, with both ladies, mostly Becca, being out matched by the veteran and I love how this ends with Madison furious at Becca for being absolutely no help in the match and talking her into it in the first place. I really do hope the we get to see the match Madison promises Becca, because that’s going to be another great Becca squash and we all know how much I love Becca squashes.

Overall Score: 9.5/10