Review of Valery Stomach Gets Squeezed So Much

Review of Defeated Valery Stomach Gets Squeezed So Much – 21 Mins

Having lost her previous match, Valery was still KO’d as Tracy craws over trying to take advantage and get some loving on that sexy belly of hers. Unfortunately, Tracy’s soft caresses was enough to wake Valery from her slumber. Not waiting to miss out on some one on one time with Valery and her toned stomach, Tracy only has one choice, to KO Valery again. Tracy cuddles and rubs on Valery’s belly in between locking on several different bearhugs and body scissors, slowly squeezing the air and consciousness from the exhausted Valery. Valery gasps for air at every free moment and tries to escape, but Tracy is relentless and after a few KOs and all those breathtaking holds Valery finally goes out for good leaving Tracy to finally be able to snuggle up with her price for the night, Valery’s sexy stomach.

More Defeated action coming at ya and this is kind of what I was hope to see, a nice one sides, near ragdoll action with Valery on the receiving end. This one isn’t really a wrestling match or a ragdoll for that matter, but Valery is weak and exhausted, which was great for showing of some of her selling capabilities. I thinks she’s definitely got some jobbing skills that we need to explore, as she did a wonderful job selling here. I like the overall idea of this vid, with Tracy having an obsession with Valery’s belly, trying to sneak up on her while she’s was KO’d and then taking great pleasure in squeezing the life out of Valery just to KO her enough to where she won’t wake up for a while. For a video with almost no dialog, I feel this plot still comes through very well. I would still like to see more from Valery when I comes to her selling, but I feel even better about her potential after this.

Overall Score: 9/10