Review of Valerie and Stella Get Gassed

Review of DefeatedValerie and Stella Get Gassed – 52.5 mins

Stella and Valerie are in the match room stretching, when they start to argue over who is more flexible. As they argue and try to outdo each other, a mysterious gas fills the room. Before either one of them notice they end up KO’d, leaning on each other sitting in split positions, eyes rolling, tongues hanging out of their mouths. The Queen Elizabeth moseys in, smug as can be, asking if the ladies are sleeping. Elizabeth wraps her arms around Stella and Valerie locking them both in a bearhug, causing them to twitch and drool, barely conscious and still sitting in their split positions. The Queen now uses her legs to squeeze both girls causing more over the top reactions. Valerie and Stella finally fall over after lots of sexy, barely conscious moaning. Elizabeth takes this time to show them that she is just as flexible as they are, attempting a split of her own in between her two sprawled out play things. Unfortunately for Elizabeth, she’s not as flexible as she thought, hurting herself a bit, then angrily stomping away. Later, we find Valerie and Stella stacked on top of each other, both of them fold up. Valerie slowly wakes and sits up, still mounted on top of Stella. She finds Elizabeth waiting there with boxing gloves on ready to punch her out. Valerie takes several punches before passing back out onto of Stella, twitching like crazy. Stella now wakes up and with Valerie still KO’d and twitching on her back, Stella sits up, only to be punched out by Elizabeth as well. Stella falls backwards after her KO, landing on top of Valerie for a nice twitchy body pile. Later we find Valerie laying on her own arms and legs, folded up in the middle of the mats, still twitching and moaning with her tongue hanging out, no Stella in sight, when Elizabeth walks in, saying that she is going compare Valerie flexibility to Stella’s. What happens is Elizabeth playing with the barely conscious Valerie, belly punching her, playing her her tits, folding her into different positions, more boxing KO punches, slow motions shots, and of course lots of over the top reactions. Next its Stella turn and Valerie is now missing. Stella get pretty much the same treatment as Valerie did, as Elizabeth now has some fun one on one time with Stella. Again there’s tons of over the top reactions and great slow motions shots as well. Finally Elizabeth brings both ladies back to the middle of the mats. They are both out on their feet, but standing until The Queen, still with her boxing gloves on, punches them both until they collapse, falling back into a split position, with even more over the top reactions. The Queen Elizabeth takes a good look at her play things, punching, slapping and ragdolling them a bit. There’s lots of slow motion close ups here. Finally Elizabeth satisfied with what she’s done walks off with a wave and a “nighty night ladies”.

More Defeated action for you guys and this one is one of those crazy over top madness videos I just can’t get enough of. This one also adds in a good scoop of humor as The Queen is a trash talking machine and does some silly things as well. My favorite funny moment in this one is Elizabeth attempting to do a split, but doesn’t quite make it. This upsets her, and frustrated she gives her new ragdolls a kick and storms out of the room. I just about fell over laughing at that scene and even after seeing it several times now, I still find myself laughing a little bit now. But as much as I love The Queen Elizabeth, this video is really about Stella and Valerie. And even though the green bikini is back again, I absolutely loved the ridiculous OTT reactions we get in this video. I mean we get OTT stuff by the truck load here. Twitching, drooling, eyerolling, tongue protrusion, you name it there’s plenty of it. As well as body piles, sexy close ups, slow motion, which I’m pretty sure is a new thing for Defeated, and plenty of KOs too. I love that we got some scenes with both Stella and Valerie and a long scene with them by themselves. It’s the best of both worlds. The flexibility thing also plays a big role, both ladies are quite flexible so they can fold themselves into some pretty sexy positions and Elizabeth happily punches them in the face. The only thing I could say negatively about this vid is that they did go a little over the top with the slow motion thing at the end of the video. As much as I love the close ups and the twitching, it did drag on a little too long there at the end. Other than that this is an awesome OTT, sexy, silly and ridiculous video that I completely loved. Valerie, green bikini and all, Stella and Elizabeth absolutely killed it. Over the top fans cannot miss this one.

Overall score: 10/10