Review of Unsuspectedly Caught, Neck Chopped And Used For Pleasure

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Review of Fetish CutiesUnsuspectedly Caught, Neck Chopped And Used For Pleasure – 15 mins

In this video, Guard Girl Unexpectedly Grabbed From Behind, Neck Chops Every Time She Wakes Up, Having Sex With a Limp Guard Girl Just For Pleasure. The basic outline is Kira is standing guard when she is over powered from behind by the guy. She is moved into a room where he decides he wants to enjoy her before leaving her out cold. When he takes her from the door he silently and quickly places one arm round her from behind and before she can make a sound she is hit with the chop. She sighs and falls back into his grasp. He quickly glances about to make sure not been seen. He drags her in lays her out… searching her for a key card… During the whole thing she comes around about a half dozen times. He finishes stripping her and then sex, nothing rough. Then at end when he done he hits her on neck then leaves.

It’s been a long time since a reviewed a video for Fetish Cuties and that’s mostly because sadly they very rarely produce limp fetish vids any more. So I dove into their archives and found this video that I didn’t own yet. This video is literally the quintessential limp fetish video as Kira is KO’d very early in the clip and is out cold for 95% of the video, while she is stripped naked and dry humped, or sex is simulated, or whatever they were going for, it works for me. Thankfully, she does wake up from time to time, otherwise it could have gotten boring, but as soon as she starts moving she is quickly knocked back out. Even one time being injected with something that makes her twitch and you guys know how much I love twitching. It’s a damn shame this guys don’t really do limp vids any more because Kira is stunning and even though this one is super simple, it’s amazing and definitely worth checking out.

Overall score: 9.5/10