Review of Unrequited sympathy

Review of DefeatedUnrequited sympathy – 16 Mins

There’s a fun story behind these two, as Lilith likes so much Valerie, she doesn’t want to hurt her. On the other hand, Valerie doesn’t like to have her around too much. The match starts and Lilith gets easily caught by Valerie in Sleeperhold. Trapped, she slowly goes out. Valerie is now having fun with her limp body. She touch her nipples, she move her in bizarre positions and then wakes her up. She puts Lilith on the wall and punches her in the stomach. Valerie then locks her into a headscissor until Lilith’s out cold again. Again she plays with her limp body having fun of her. The last position, after Lilith wakes up, is a Camel Clutch \ Sleeperhold that sends Lilith to sleep again, before Valerie victory poses over her.

More Defeated action for you guys, this one is a great Lilith squash vs Valerie. Much like we all hoped this one has Lilith KO’d and ragdolled around multiple times. She doesn’t ever really put up a fight as Valerie does whatever she wants to Lilith. My favorite thing about this one is that once Lilith goes out, she’s not easy to wake up, she’s really out cold for a while. Valerie takes total joy in Lilith being out like that, playing with her limp body, squeezing her face and pinching her nipples. Valerie is only able to wake Lilith a few times and then knocks her right back out. I love Lilith here, she sells really really well, her fit and skinny body looks so perfect here and I love the hog tying using her own clothes to restrain her arms and legs, even got a little bit of nice struggling from that. Also with Lilith does wake up, she still out of it and easy for Valerie to control. This is a really sexy vid for me, probably my favorite Lilith vid I’ve seen so far.

Overall Score: 9.9/10