Review of Unfinished Business

Review of Cali Logan’s Fight ClubUnfinished Business – 19 mins

Way back when, Cali broke the heart of Jenn D’s brother. Since so much time had passed, she thought things were fine, but Jenn has come to punish Cali for being such a bitch. She brought along her friend Lydia Lael, who is a trained fighter, to make sure the job gets done right. They set up a scene to catch Cali off guard in her apartment, then get to it! Lydia pins Cali’s hands behind her back so that Jenn can get some good punches in. They then take turns batting her around, putting her into different wrestling holds and battering her helpless body in any way they can. After severely weakening her victim, Lydia uses a pile driver to finish. Once she is done, Jenn puts Cali’s body into several humiliating pins and counts her out.

These kind of beat downs are one of my favorite thing to get from Cali/see happen to Cali. My favorite thing about these, besides the fact that Cali is the victim, is that Cali is dressed in office clothes, with her heels staying on throughout the video. It’s still on of the least common attires to see some one catch a beat down wearing. I also like that this one was mostly fisticuffs, with mostly punches and kicks, but later mixing in some wrestling holds and KOs. Which is my next favorite part, that there were some KOs along the way and not just one final one at the end. Of course, we get some great selling from Cali, not only for the KOs, but for the whole beat down. Lydia is another longtime favorite of mine, she brings almost unmatched energy and enthusiasm to her roles and this was no different, although I am dying to see Lydia catch a beat down herself, which literally doesn’t exist in Cali’s fight store or superheroine store, Lydia is always winning, flawlessly.  Even the lovely Jenn D, as big and strong as she is has taken her share of beat downs. Anyway, another thing that I liked about this is how it ended. I like that we get a piledriver ending, but they didn’t actually piledrive Cali, instead used some quick shots and good editing to make it look like Cali got piledriven. I actually liked that, save piledrivers for the mats, this was a great, safe, alternative. And finally, the last part that I liked, was the last part of this video where Cali is out cold and gets pinned by Jenn D and Lydia several times. Ending a beat down with not only one pin, but multiple pins is a real plus for me. I love pins. Overall, even though this vid is a few years old, it’s definitely worth going back and checking out. It’s just always great to see terrible things happen to Cali.

Overall Score: 9.5/10