Review of Sleeperkid’s World UNDER THE INFLUENCE: TENTH BATTLE – 46 mins

This clip falls under an “instant classic” status…mostly because it stars the beautiful Eve Avon and Sumiko in a thrilling “drugged drink” battle (both ladies taking each other on while heavily sedated)!

Still hanging back on the SKW reviews, because again there are just too many good ones I just don’t want to skip. This time we have another under the influence match, a series that I love because it is a pure breeding ground for over the top reactions. This one stars Eve Avon and Sumiko, both ladies have done this kind of match before and I think both have quite the knack for it. Of course Sumiko has the knack for literally everything, but Eve is definitely no slouch. This vid has all the things I love about this series, exhausted wrestling, overkill attacks, lots of KOs and double KOs, and of course lots of OTT reactions. Most of the double KOs come from failed pin attempts, which I love, because it makes the pins last longer and makes the formally pinned wrestler have to dump the limp body on top of them when they wake up. Both Sumiko and Eve just kill it on the OTT stuff, not too much twitching here, but lots of great eye rolling, tongue protrusion and drooling from both ladies. This is a great addition to the series, if you ever enjoyed one of these clips before, this one is a sure bet. Also, it’s been clear why everyone loves Sumiko for a long time now, but I think we need to see some more Eve Avon as SKW, in fact, she is on my to do list, when it comes to SKW customs. I think she may have a ragdoll in her future, but maybe not at the hands of Tiny, time will tell. For now check this video out and enjoy it as much as I did.

Overall Score: 9.9/10