Review of UNDER THE INFLUENCE: sixth battle

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldUNDER THE INFLUENCE: sixth battle – 30 Mins

twoTHREE beautiful wrestlers in a “drugged drink” battle that can only end with a single lady standing (or sleeping) victoriously!   Starring Anabelle Pync, Merry Meow, and Luna… this is one for the ages, with all three ladies drinking a heavy sedative and then being asked to battle it out to the finish!   The winner will be spoiled if you continue to scroll down, but let it be said that this might be the very first match of its kind… and man does it ROCK!

This is another one of my favorite series, one that we’ve been lucky enough to have Sparrow, Sumiko, Kayla Lael, Merry Meow and Luna as well already star in and they’ve been amazing vids, but they have always been one on one matches so far. You’ve heard me say that two jobbers are better than one, well three jobbers are better than two. Adding the new, to SKW, Anabelle Pync, is a great move. I am a huge fan of the over the top reactions common to this series and the exhausted/groggy style of battle. Also I don’t think anyone is going to complain about these sexy suits all the ladies are wearing. Luna and Merry kill in their performances and Anabelle does really well too, just not quite as good as the other two, who have been doing this much longer than her. I like the three way battle, everyone gets a good amount of time to show off their over the top selling skills, get KO’d and pinned too. I also like the all the pins and failed pin attempts as they have to pin both of their opponents to win, which is a good rule. Anabelle does come up with the win after giving more of the drug to both Luna and Merry. And the ending gets better, as Anabelle takes some more of the drug herself, then asks SK to KO her. This was a great addition to this amazing series and a very very good way of changing it up and making things fresh.

Overall Score: 9.5/10