Review of UNDER THE INFLUENCE: seventh battle

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldUNDER THE INFLUENCE: seventh battle – 42 Mins

An epic 40+ min long battle between CHEYENNE JEWL and SUMIKO!!! We fade in on the lovely Sumiko and Cheyenne, who have challenged each other to a “drugged drink” battle, one where they have to be under the influence of a powerful sedative as they do battle…with a final 15 count pin destined to distinguish a relieved winner from a devastated loser!

I thought Cheyenne did a great job selling in her Tiny vid and she did, but this is even better.  This under the influence vid are made for over the top and exaggerated reactions and man do we get at ton of them here. Sumiko and Cheyenne really give us some amazing exaggerated reactions. At this point I expect outstanding reactions like this from Sumiko, but it was really impressive to see Cheyenne sell like that and do it so well. Also, the ladies look so good in these new outfits and a lot of the positions they end up in make them even better. Not a lot of twitching in this one, which you guys know I hope for in every video, and no drooling, but all the other over the top reactions are plentiful, lots of tongue protrusion, exaggerated eye roll, and overkill/unconscious reactions. They also do great with the drugged/exhausted reactions too. This really could be the best one of the series and one you guys shouldn’t miss.

Overall Score: 10/10