Review of UNDER THE INFLUENCE: ninth battle

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldUNDER THE INFLUENCE: ninth battle – 38 mins

Jessica Nicole and SKW’s Miriya star as a new tag team forced to do battle in a special rules match!   After being offered a LOT of money to participate, both ladies agree to sip out of sedative-laced water bottles and do battle once the drug’s effects kick in!  They slowly pass out, forming a body pile on the mats.  SK makes sure they’re out, checking their limbs and waiting for them to come to and start the match!  What follows is a struggle for BOTH participants, as they try and try again to successfully knock out and pin their partner!  A final submission leads to an epic set of KOs…but not before both wrestlers have delivered one hell of a match!

Another addition to this great SKW series and yes, this is definitely another favorite series as it’s full of over the top reactions and exaggerated exhausted wrestling. This one is extra special as it stars Jessica Nicole and Miriya, both veterans and really know how to sell a match like this. The overall match is about the same as with most of these matches, it’s very back and forth, lots of KOs, failed pin attempts and of course they both drink a little more of the tainted water to bring the match to a close. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s Jessica and Miriya that make this one awesome, they are both so good at all the skills that someone needs to sell the over the top silliness that is need for a match like this. I also like the matching outfits, both ladies look great. I always love when Jessica gets to visit SKW, she’s a long time favorite for me and always ends up doing a lot of jobbing, even though she’s a taller gal. And Miriya has been getting picked a little more often, which is great, but I still would like to see her even more, because she is so good. Overall, if you ever liked a vid from this series, then this one is an easy pick up because Jessica and Miriya really know how to sell it.

Overall Score: 9.9/10