Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldUNDER THE INFLUENCE: ELEVENTH BATTLE – 25 mins

Eve Avon and Jessica Nicole have agreed to wrestle a match after taking a few sips of dosed water.  After initial concerns about it not working, with stunning speed the effects kick in as Eve and Jessica stumble around the mat, eyes rolling, before Jessica collapses, soon followed by Eve who calls on Jessica with an unintentional Belly Splash.  The dosing takes hold and the lady’s heads are lolling, sprawled on the mat before Eve slaps Jessica into an eye rolling Sleeper Hold…  Gasping and struggling until she’s Knocked Out and covered for leg-hook pin for a 9 Count but Jessica comes to soon enough to low blow Eve, breaking up the count but leaving both girls posed in humiliating positions.  Taking advantage Jessica reverses the pin into an Inverted Head Scissors, as Eve gasps and rolls her eyes, then a series of Belly Punches that make Eve twitch. Jessica herself only gets a 9 Count Pin before Eve shoulders out.  Back and forth, stumbling under the influence, Belly Punching, Shoulder Thrusts against the wall, stumbling and missing opponents, the contest rages, Prone Bearhugs leave Eve gasping. Seated Leghooks have Jessica whimpering, Head Punching, Sleeper Holds, Dosing and more.  Who will be the winner Under the Influence?

Another under the influence video and another Eve Avon video, both great things. This time the lovely Eve is paired up the equally awesome Jessica Nicole. That ladies are both excellent when it comes to OTT reactions, which is hardly because, obviously, that’s what this video is all about. Well, maybe not all the over the top reactions, as there’s no twitching and nothing crazy in the drooling department either. But there is lots of eye rolling and tongue protrusion, also both fighters are pretty drugged up, so there’s lots of exhaustion and double KOs. The timing of this matches release makes things a bit more interesting as we just got and under the influence video with Eve and Sumiko. The major differences between the two videos, for me at least, is one, Sumiko, I mean I love Jessica, but you just can’t get better then Sumiko. However, this video has an excellent spladle pin section that includes some overkill punches while Jessica is in that sexy pin position and that was just fantastic. And the other difference is bikinis over one piece suits. I’m personally a sucker for exposed bellies, so that’s a pretty big selling point for me. Otherwise, the selling is great in both vids, with sufficiently OTT reactions, Eve wins, officially, even though both vids end with a double KO and both vids do an excellent job of living up to the under the influence series expectations. So really the choice is yours. After seeing both vids I feel like you can lose either way and I am happy to own both vids.

Overall score: 9.9/10