Review of UNDER THE INFLUENCE: eight battle

Review of Sleeperkid’s World UNDER THE INFLUENCE: eight battle – 39 mins

39 minutes of non-stop KO ACTION! The beautiful Maria Marley and Indica take each other on in a special “drugged drink” battle that can only end with one exhausted and sedated fighter on top!   The girls start off taking big gulps of their spiked water and we suddenly cut to a few minutes later as both ladies struggle to stay awake as they battle for a decisive 15 count pin!

Another definite favorite series from SKW and I am also beyond exited to find out that I was wrong, Maria and Indica did get to shoot one more video during their visit and it was this awesome over the top drugged battle that really gives them both a better chance to sell than their other video. They both did such an amazing job in this that I feel this is the best Under the Influence match since Sumiko and Luna. Maria and Indica are really that good, they both totally get the idea of this match and they both really know how to sell it all. I thought I was really impressed with them from their performance in HIGHLIGHTS: VOLUME 30, but they blew that one completely away with their work here. If you are a fan of this series, or a fan of over the top reactions, this is a serious no brainer, you have to see own this one.

Overall Score: 10/10