Review of Under my Asian Feet – Footsmother Fight

Review of DefeatedUnder my Asian Feet – Footsmother Fight – 21 Min

SarahDragonlily Vs Sarah in a foot smother match. Lily is the boss of foot smother fights and wants to teach a lesson to her friend Sarah. Dragonlily forces her under her feet in many ways, Sarah is totally disgusted about that. Lily locks her in many positions, always with her feet on her face, smothering her, sending her to sleep and then forcing her to lick and suck her beautiful Asian feet! Many rounds in this one-sided match, with a final sexy foot licking for the loser, with a satisfied Dragonlily relaxed with her new slave at her feet.

Got some more Defeated action for you guys, a little more of their traditional styles, but performed by two ladies on this side of the pond, Sarah Brooke and Dragonlily. I just happen to love watching Sarah get her butt kick and no matter if it’s by foot smothers or prostyle or something in between she always does a great job selling. It also helps that there are several KOs in this one-sided match up. I love Sarah’s eyes before she passes out and we get a good look them several times in this. This is a foot smother fight and Dragonlily uses her feet like a second pair of hands, to control and smother Sarah into unconsciousness several times. There’s some foot worship stuff in here too, like Lily pinching Sarah’s tongue with her toes and forcing Sarah to suck her toes. It’s actually pretty impressive how she able to control Sarah and keep her feet in her face for most of the fight. Even though there are KOs in this one it didn’t end with one. Instead Dragonlily is pretty much victory posing on top of Sarah, of course with her feet in her face. So, even though I’m not the biggest foot fetish guy out there, Sarah’s a great jobber, Dragonlily is a great heel, this is some nice one-sided action and I easily enjoyed this clip.

Overall Score: 8.5/10