Review of Ultragirl’s Ultimate Opponent

Review of Cali Logan’s Power and PerilUltragirl’s Ultimate Opponent – 31.5 mins

Ultragirl, aka Cali Logan, walks in to discover stolen art! As she takes down a painting, Saharra Huxley walks in for a surprise beatdown. Cali thought Saharra was in solidarity confinement for life!!! Surprise! POW! Saharra slammed a huge right hook right into Ultragirl’s face, sending her flying across the room! Saharra then brings on barrage of stomping cunt busts!! Ultragirl is never getting out this situation!!! Ultragirl gets one punch in… a second punch… Saharra doesn’t even budge. Cali goes in for kick and Saharra just gets Cali’s leg, picks her straight up in the hair, and slams Ultragirl into a devastating back breaker!! A nice sleeperhold, scissorhold, and stomach kicks weakens Ultragirl to such a degree that she’s now Saharra’s little bitch. Saharra picks Cali up by the neck against a wall and Saharra slams her head into Cali’s chest!! Several times!! Can Ultragirl live through this beatdown??? After a grueling domination, with camel clutches, stomps, bearhugs, punching, spanking, and even more intense back reakers, Saharra decides to takes Cali’s breath away with her very own cape, give Cali mega leotard wedgies forcing her to crawl around like a wedgie AND THEN force strips Ultragirl!!! Saharra is going to touch it, play with it, and take it just how she wants… if you know what I mean. Total destruction in ALL areas of Ultragirl’s life today. Saharra is going to grope little Ultragirl and hump her to a dozen forced o’s!!! Time for doggie style!!! 

Cali Logan vs Saharra Huxley, that alone sounds like something I need to see. Being a huge fan of seeing Cali in terrible and unfair situations, little Cali vs The Huxster is almost guaranteed to be something I’m going to enjoy. This video goes just as I had hoped, with a superheroine theme as Ultragirl get a massive beat down from the big time baddie. Just like you might expect, Ultragirl it tossed all over the shop, with plenty of strikes and some wrestling holds. The important part is the Cali is entirely at Saharra’s mercy, she never stood a chance, although she did get a few useless strikes in before Saharra dominates. Saharra also humiliates Ultragirl along the way as well, with wedgies, some sexual attacks and eventually strips her of her costume, leaving her in nothing but her boots and gloves. Having completely dominated and humiliated her foe, Saharra tops this beatdown off with a KO and then literally places the naked and unconscious Ultragirl on a shelf to keep for later use. This was the kind of one sided beating you would hope for hearing Saharra is taking on Cali. It’s a great superheroine domination. Cali is a wonderful jobber, as always. Saharra is the best dominate heel around. Easily another clips for my favorites list.

Overall Score: 9.5/10