Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTWO VICTIMS, ONE MACHINE – 27 Mins

twoTWO CUSTOM SQUASHES FEATURING THE MACHINE vs ALISA KISS…AND ANNE-MARIE! The Machine makes short work out of Alisa after having defeated Sumiko in TWO previous matches.  Anne-Marie VOWS she’ll do better but The Machine proceeds to demolish her as well, with a new finisher thrown in just for fun!

Another SKW two for one deal that delivers a whole lot of bang for your buck. Just like the “SUMIKO vs THE MACHINE 3: BACK TO BACK” these two videos are easily good enough to be sold separately. Alisa is amazing in every way. She looks outstanding in her prostyle outfit, her selling is amazing and it is quite a beatdown as well, with an awesome ragdoll figure four finisher to close it out. As great as Alisa is in her video vs The Machine, Anne-Marie is even better. Anne looks perfect in her prostyle outfit, the silver one piece and matching converse hits the sweet spot for me. Anne’s selling reminds us why she is, in my opinion, the best jobber in the business. And The Machine provides us with a longer and dare I say, more brutal beatdown then Alisa’s. He even barrows the finisher of “the face the runs the place” over at WWE, John Cena’s A.A. Two amazing videos, with two beautiful and talented girl, versus one merciless heel, all for one great price.

Overall Score: 9.9/10