Review of TWO versus THE MACHINE

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTWO versus THE MACHINE – 29 mins

TWO of SKW’s BEST get destroyed by The Machine!!! We fade in on Sinn Sage and Sumiko telling their fans how sick they are of seeing The Machine run wild over the SKW roster.  Turns out they’ve decided to team up in order to FINALLY take the masked maniac down.  The very same maniac that’s slowly sneaking up on them!   The Machine uses two chloroform-soaked rags to put the pro wrestlers out, leaving them prone and open to almost 30 minutes of his favorite moves and finishers… in a one-sided squash that was shot in a single take!

This one of those videos where you guys don’t need to wait for me to tell you it’s worth picking up. When you have Sinn Sage and Sumiko teaming up and getting squashed by the evil and ruthless Machine you know you’re in for a great show and that is exactly what we get. It’s definitely a solid proof or their talent to do this whole video in on take, quiet impressive for such an incredible video. There’s nothing not to love about this vid, Sinn and Sumiko are both amazing with their selling. The Machine is brutal as always, delivering a bunch of tag team and individual destruction and the outfits here are amazing, even though Sumiko loses her arm pads and Sinn’s boots are halfway undone by time this one comes to a close. This definitely one of those 2 jobbers are better than one type video, it would have been great with either of these wonderful ladies, but it’s definitely best with them both.

Overall Score: 9.9/10

  • DV

    Yeah, great match for sure. Great selling from both girls. Good tombstones; both girls looked like they really got drilled on those. I liked the strategy of beating up one girl while the other’s forced to watch, then switching (with a few moves and holds for both at once). Sumiko twitched great, and I liked Sinn’s little leg spasms after the final few moves. And a couple of creative moves at the end when it was time to finish the girls off.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Sinn’s ass gets bigger with every new video. That’s definitely not a bad thing.

    • You damn right it’ not a bad thing, that ass is amazing and i think it really is getting bigger and better every time. This is vid is so good, i love having Sinn and Sumiko dominated together.