Review of TWO versus THE INVISIBLE

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTWO versus THE INVISIBLE – 25 mins

As we fade in on this video, SUMIKO is putting ANNE MARIE through a bit of pro-style training.  Anne Marie is hoping to be Sumiko’s new tag team partner and Sumiko wants to make sure the lovely blonde has what it takes.  What is the best way to see if someone not only can properly sell a technique but also has the chemistry to be your tag team partner?  Take on an imaginary invisible opponent of course! Sumiko leads the two of them through a handicap match against an invisible monster-heel lady wrestler which sees both of the diminutive grapplers destroyed with an outstanding array of coordinated moves.  What makes this “Invisible” match even more special is just how in sync Sumiko and Anne Marie are in regards to their selling.  It’s like poetry in motion watching these two describe and act out what their invisible opponent is doing to them as nearly all of the moves are done to both ladies simultaneously. After a tour de force performance that ends with a ten count double match book pin, the newly minted tag team ends the training session and head off to celebrate.  While the opponent may have been invisible, we can only hope we get to see this fabulous team take her on again!

I think it’s fair to say the invisible opponent theme has gained incredible popularity since I first saw Sumiko’s rendition a good number of years ago, but what better way to kick things up a little bit by not only having Sumiko starring again, but also adding another great performer with Anne Marie. These are two of the best at SKW and every time they get together for any reason, but especially when they are jobbing together have created some of the best moments in SKW history. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better jobbing tag team than Anne and Sumiko. So who better to put together in a video that needs such team work and chemistry? So predictably, Sumiko and Anne put on a hell of a show for us, with amazing synchronized jobbing, plenty of great KOs, slightly over the top selling, overkill attacks and tag team narration. Sumiko does most of the narration, but Anne adds in some of her own as well. I also love the outfit selection, of course with the boots and knee pads. I think the only thing I could ever say negatively about this outstanding vid is that it feels a bit short, or maybe I just would have liked to see more because this ladies were just so great. 25 minutes with two of SKW best in a clearly fan favorite series isn’t quite enough, but I’m glad we got this video, really happy with how well they worked together and the overall video is outstanding, definitely something that cannot be missed.

Overall Score: 10/10