Review of TWO versus ANNE-MARIE

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTWO versus ANNE-MARIE – 38 Mins

anneWe fade in on Anne-Marie and SK, with the lovely blonde wrestler complaining about her loss record against the bossman himself.  She announces her new partner…and 6’9 TINY walks in behind her!!!   SK seems a little concerned, until he tells Anne that Tiny is VERY susceptible to bribes.  Before Anne can figure that one out, Tiny nails her with an axe-handle blow to the back, sparking what could very well be the most intense 2 on 1 beatdown SKW has EVER produced. No kidding, folks.  SK and Tiny pull out EVERY trick in the book, and even debut some NEW combo finishers, leading to over 35 minutes of KOs, submissions, and TOTAL devastation for the stunned jobber!  After what seems like an eternity of pain, the out cold Anne-Marie is finally pinned by BOTH heels and left to rethink her future SKW strategies as she whimpers on the mats!

I like that SK said that this could be the most intense 2 on 1 beatdown SKW has ever produced, well, I think it has to be. This is the first time ever in SKW that they had 2 guys against 1 girl. Not only that, add in the fact that one of the guys is Tiny, the most dominating force SKW has ever seen, topping Sapphire, and The Kidd himself. Then also add in the fact the 1 girl is “the best jobber in the world” Anne-Marie, who knows how to sell her own destruction, with her own unique flair, better than anyone. With this mixture of talent it is literally impossible to not make an instant classic and that exactly what we have here, an instant classic. This one is also suitable for not only the SKW majority fan base, but us over the top guys too, as Anne sells this just right, with outstanding reactions, as you can always expect for her, and a good amount of twitching, but not going too crazy. The amount of moves used on poor Anne-Marie is awe inspiring. It has to be the longest move list in SKW history. They did everything in this one, a ton of powerful finishers, including a good handful of never seen at SKW before finishers, tag team finishers, creative and painful looking tag team submission and more KOs then you’d want to try and count. There is absolutely no reason the any SKW fan should pass this video up. This is the kind of content that keeps SKW head and shoulders above the rest.

Overall Score: 10/10