Review of TWO versus ANNE-MARIE

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTWO versus ANNE-MARIE – 38 Mins

anneWe fade in on Anne-Marie and SK, with the lovely blonde wrestler complaining about her loss record against the bossman himself.  She announces her new partner…and 6’9 TINY walks in behind her!!!   SK seems a little concerned, until he tells Anne that Tiny is VERY susceptible to bribes.  Before Anne can figure that one out, Tiny nails her with an axe-handle blow to the back, sparking what could very well be the most intense 2 on 1 beatdown SKW has EVER produced. No kidding, folks.  SK and Tiny pull out EVERY trick in the book, and even debut some NEW combo finishers, leading to over 35 minutes of KOs, submissions, and TOTAL devastation for the stunned jobber!  After what seems like an eternity of pain, the out cold Anne-Marie is finally pinned by BOTH heels and left to rethink her future SKW strategies as she whimpers on the mats!

I like that SK said that this could be the most intense 2 on 1 beatdown SKW has ever produced, well, I think it has to be. This is the first time ever in SKW that they had 2 guys against 1 girl. Not only that, add in the fact that one of the guys is Tiny, the most dominating force SKW has ever seen, topping Sapphire, and The Kidd himself. Then also add in the fact the 1 girl is “the best jobber in the world” Anne-Marie, who knows how to sell her own destruction, with her own unique flair, better than anyone. With this mixture of talent it is literally impossible to not make an instant classic and that exactly what we have here, an instant classic. This one is also suitable for not only the SKW majority fan base, but us over the top guys too, as Anne sells this just right, with outstanding reactions, as you can always expect for her, and a good amount of twitching, but not going too crazy. The amount of moves used on poor Anne-Marie is awe inspiring. It has to be the longest move list in SKW history. They did everything in this one, a ton of powerful finishers, including a good handful of never seen at SKW before finishers, tag team finishers, creative and painful looking tag team submission and more KOs then you’d want to try and count. There is absolutely no reason the any SKW fan should pass this video up. This is the kind of content that keeps SKW head and shoulders above the rest.

Overall Score: 10/10


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  1. Profile photo of Anakreon Anakreon says:

    Sweet Mother of God!!! The many layers of golden long hair spreading in the ground and under her face!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! That is ART! PURE ART!!! I can’t say which scene is better! Please, Anne-Marie, never cut your hair, goddess! I implore!

  2. Profile photo of Dat Dat says:

    I just purchased this video of Anne-Marie getting brutally destroyed by these two guys. Without a doubt, not only is this my favorite SKW video I’ve purchased, but I believe this is truly his best work ever. I would love to discuss this video with you if you’re interested 😀

    • please, tell me more. I love this video and love Anne-Marie. Absolutely one of the best, not super over the top destruction vids out there.

      • Profile photo of Dat Dat says:

        Terrific. Well, allow me to start off with this question. I have quite a few questions regarding this video and some thoughts of my own as well. So feel free to answer to the best of your ability.

        My first question is about Anne-Marie. When she first received the script about her getting demolished by the only 2 guys in SKW, what was her reaction(s)?

        • I don’t know for sure, probably when SK called her to schedule it, so maybe a month or so before it happened. And my guess is she was excited, she likes taking big moves and this was full of them.

          • Profile photo of Dat Dat says:

            For sure. Although, I would be scared knowing I’m taking all of the power moves. You’re right though. There were sure a lot of them. I’m hoping Anne-Marie wasn’t seriously hurt in making this video. I’m aware that they make sure they keep the workers as safe as possible. With that being said, let’s not forget that Anne-Marie took dozens of moves in this video, she probably didn’t walk away unharmed. You think so?

          • I know for a fact that she did. This stuff is super safe and the reason they can do so much in one vid is because the take good care of each during the entire process. So Anne walked away without a scratch.

          • Profile photo of Dat Dat says:

            That’s good. I mean she did land on her back a large number of times. But that leads into my next point. You’re right about one thing on your review. The amount of moves done to the poor jobber is truly something to behold.

          • Yes sir, for the 1st and only mixed handicapped match at SKW, they really did a whole lot of moves. Also landing on her back i the safest way to land and teh mats help a ton as well.

          • Profile photo of Dat Dat says:

            I know there have been a lot of handicap matches done in SKW, but as you mentioned in your review, this is the first time they had two guys completely devastated one girl. I’m kinda surprised that this hasn’t been done before. I see Tiny and/or SK dominate two girls at the same time. However, this was a real treat for the two of them to destroy the best jobber in the company (IMO). I’m hoping this will be something they do more in the future; probably against Sumiko since she’s also another good jobber to demolish.

          • it’s just we’ve only had Tiny for about a year and everyone asks for him vs one or two, but finally some one asked for this. I hope to see more like it in the future and i would love for it to be Sumiko or Monroe or dare i say Sparrow.

          • Profile photo of Dat Dat says:

            Indeed. And I commend the person who requested such a match. Plus, I think it’s only fitting that the best jobber in the world is featured in the very first handicap match against the two strongest wrestlers in the company; SK and Tiny. That’s what I love about Anne-Marie. She knows how to sell all of these moves. It surely shows in this video when she took those moves. And there sure were a lot of them.

          • Anne Marie is the best, although, my #1 favorite changes more then the weather, Anne is always at least #2 because she is that damn good.

          • Profile photo of Dat Dat says:

            For sure. And she has to be that damn good when producing this video. Not just that, taking all of those moves.

            I don’t believe there’s ever been a video with so many different moves. That’s what separates this one from the others. The rest of SK’s videos all have the same thing: Piledriver, Sleeper Hold, Sleeper Hold, Piledriver. I know that’s what makes them great, but I’ve always waiting for a video that completely breaks the mold. This video truly does that.

          • I think you’re painting with a bit of a broad brush when SK’s videos are just sleepers and piledrivers, but at the same time, no one does them better then SKW, just look at how many different types of piledrivers SKW can do and look how good they look. And yea this one had some new ones, but a lot of the moves in this have been done in others.

          • Profile photo of Dat Dat says:

            Ok. Perhaps you do have a point. But anyway, back to the point I was making. The amount of moves done to poor Anne-Marie. I don’t know where to begin. So many power throws, double submission holds, double teams.

          • yup, hopefully more like it soon

          • Profile photo of Dat Dat says:

            I must ask though. How did Anne-Marie feel when she had to take not one, but two submission holds at the same time? There sure were a lot of them in this video.

            – Bearhug + Chinlock Choke
            – Camel Clutch + Romero Special
            – Double Ankle Lock
            – Surfboard + Belly Claw
            – Torture Rack + Belly Claw
            – Leg Nelson + Figure Four Leg Lock
            – Double Cross Armbreaker
            – Double Surfboard
            – Sharpshooter + Crossface

            I know taking one submission hold hurts like hell. But two at the same time? Poor Anne-Marie. That must be extremely painful.

          • nah man, they don’t actually do it hard enough to really hurt her, it’s just a show man. They probably got her back to pop a few times, but she loves that anyway.

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