Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTWO JOBBERS, ONE BAUNFIRE – 15 Mins

anneIt’s one of the oldest tales in wrestling history: two jobbers agree to cheat during a one on one match vs a powerful heel and suffer the consequences! This time it’s ANNE-MARIE and IVY SLOAN who face BAUNFIRE’s wrath when they try to use Anne’s role as a ref against her! Ivy manages to trap Baunfire with a chloroform-soaked rag, knocking her out cold! Ivy goes for the pin and Anne counts it, leading to an unprecedented victory for Ivy! The two blonde beauties brag to the camera about how clever their plan was… all while Baunfire comes to from behind and nails them with a forced body slam double KO! Pissed off beyond description, Baunfire proceeds to completely devastate her attackers, reminding the world that NO ONE cheats Baunfire and lives to tell the tale. Well, they do… but not before getting knocked out and completely destroyed!

This is one I cannot believe SK lost until now, but in the same breath, I’m really happy he found it and released it. Baunfire dominating Ivy and Anne is something no one should miss. As I always say, two jobbers are always better than one. Baunfire makes sure they both learned a brutal lesson after cheating to beat her earlier in the video. As you can easily imagine both Anne and Ivy look great and sell great as Baunfire executes a number of great KOs to each of them. The ending is unique as Baunfire forces Anne, who is the ref after all, in case you forgot, to count Ivy out for a KO and pin, finalizing her revenge by taking out Anne-Marie one more time for a body pile and victory pose. Also, this video gives me the icing first, as Baunfire’s quick and early defeat is definitely a bonus for me. If you agree that 2 jobbers are better than one, Ivy and Anne are sure to please.

Overall score: 9/10