Review of Twitch Bitch

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingTwitch Bitch – 8.5 mins

Athena is one mean chick. Watch as she mercilessly humiliates and handily destroys WonderJobber with any holds that will make her bitch, twitch! Back breakers, chokes, strikes, camel clutch, sleeperhold, nerve holds, Fish hook, hair pulling, scissor holds, matchbook holds, belly punching. Athena Decimates WonderJobber, reducing her to a powerless, drooling, twitching mess!

This is what I love to see from MMW, whether it’s Alex or Athena, maybe Jackson in the near future? These ragdoll matches are top notch to me. I love that Alex doesn’t even get to be conscious at any point in this video. Athena walks in and Alex is already out cold and twitching. A few slaps to the cheek definitely didn’t wake our sleeping jobber, but of course Athena didn’t really care if Alex was awake. She goes to town on this poor ragdoll and I get all the twitching, drooling and eye rolling I could ever want. Athena switches her moves up but Alex stay out and stays twitching. A little detail I didn’t know I’d like, but picked up on it in this video, was Athena wiping the drool from her hands and arms back on to Alex after she finished a move. That’s a new one for me, but definitely like it. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a pin at the end of this one, or at any point in this one. That really would have been the icing on the cake for me. But back on the positive side, this video didn’t have a long intro or background music. The last few MMW videos I’ve seen didn’t have those two things and I am loving that, especially the background music part. Anyway, my point is, these twitching, drooling ragdoll vids is what brought me to MMW in the first place and although I don’t think it needs to be said, I’m going to say it anyway. Keep doing videos like this. In my obviously bias opinion, this is what they do best.

Overall Score: 9.9/10