Review of Twists And Turns

Review of Velvets FantasiesTwists And Turns – 14 Min

BeccaBikini Agent Velvets is given the task of ridding a criminal lair of an army of Gold Bikini Clones… all modeled after the beautiful and deadly Agent Becca (i.e. one of Velvets’ fiercest rivals that was once presumed deceased). The well-trained agent makes her way through every inch of the house, taking out clone after clone with a barrage of lethal neck snaps (with some added overkill necro-snaps to “be sure”), fulfilling every aspect of her mission… until the REAL Agent Becca surprisingly shows up and takes Miss Velvets out with a heavy dose of chloroform! Becca is about to kill Velvets off for good, but decides she’d rather keep her enemies around just so she can toy with her again in the future! Another twist ending arrives as Velvets’ boss shows up to take care of Becca himself, and as we see him carrying the unconscious Agent Becca away, we can be sure both ladies will continue their rivalry again sooner than later!

Another review brought you by request, I just like saying that. This one is another one of Jacquelyn’s patented neck snap sentry videos. Not sure if she’s the only one who does these, but she’s definitely the one who makes the most of them. This one is definitely a highlight out of the bunch as it was shot about 2 years ago in Arizona with FWR’s very own Becca. As you should know, Becca is one of the most versatile talents in this business and she knocks this role out and makes it look easy. One of my favorite things about these videos is “death stares”, it’s something I don’t see too much and that’s probably why I like it some much. Becca has a great pair of peepers that makes all the death stares in this vid amazing. This video also has lots of limp play, carries, feet views, as well as a few extra neck snaps, to make sure, as Miss Velvets works her way through all her clone enemies. There’s also some nice twists in this one, besides for the neck snaps, that has Agent Velvets not getting away unscathed, like would happen in most sentry style vids. So, if you’re new around here and did see this when it was released, or just missed it for some other reason, or you’re into neck snap sentry videos, this is one you’re going to need.

Overall Score: 9.5/10