Review of Tussle In Texas

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Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemasTussle In Texas – 13 mins

Constance has put out an ad for anyone would like to challenge her to a TDM. Madison walks down the wrestling ramp and joins the show on the ring. She shows her muscles and claims she’s not afraid Constance’s little challenge. She takes off her shirt and flexes. A 10 pin count and 10 second count to win. The wrestling bell rings. Head to head the ladies start. Constance gets the upper hand and knees Madison in the crouch then slams Madison’s face into floor. Constance gets on the ropes and body slams down onto Madison down below!! Time for a camel clutch. Once Constance is done with that, she grabs Madison by the thong and sets her up to get the perfect standing head scissorhold. It looks like Madison, Ms. Arizona, is no match for Constance, Ms. Texas! Constance starts her 10 pin count, but Madison somehow breaks free! After some humiliation, Madison actually starts to bring this match around! A little payback for Constance! A series of bear hugs really starts to wear Constance down! She can’t break free! Madison finally lets her go by dropping her cunt first onto Madison’s knee, and then throwing her the ground before a great body slash! Madison puts Constance into an amazing figure four, and starts her 10 count pin… will Constance somehow completely turn this match around again??

I love the when Constance makes these wrestling matches in a ring, especially these with the pro style look. And I love seeing Madison in pretty much anything, especially when she loses. But I have Madison technically didn’t lose this match, because Constance didn’t follow the rules. She was supposed to do a 10 count pin AND a 10 second count out, but Constance only does the pin in the end, that takes her victory pose and calls herself a winner. So therefore I have taken it upon myself to disqualify Constance. Alright, with the officiating business aside, this match is pretty good. I like that it’s a bit back and forth, although Madison is losing most of the time. The moves used were executed pretty good and both Madison and Constance sold well. I do like Constance as the heel, because she’s really good at being cocky and I love Madison as the jobber, because I just love to see her lose. I like that both girls go knocked out along the way and I love that Constance didn’t fight fair. I guess Madison didn’t either, but Constance was the better dirty fighter. Of course I would have loved the 10 count at the end on the KO’d Madison, as we didn’t even really get a good look at her laid out after the victory pose. Overall, I love the multi-KO match, the pro outfits and that Madison lost in the end, so this was definitely worth checking out.

Overall Score: 8.5/10