Review of Turns out Alyssa is tough

Review of DefeatedTurns out Alyssa is tough – 21.5 – mins

Talia is running her mouth about how this girl, Alyssa, is a total loser and acts like she’s thought, but see’s not, claims Talia. Talia, goes on and on talking trash about Alyssa. Maybe Talia is right, looks like we’re going to find out, as Alyssa has overheard the comments and has stepped in to confront Talia. The two ladies go nose to nose, bickering back and forth for a while about who’s tougher and who would win if they fought. Finally, the agree to fight, right here, right now. Talia manages to take Alyssa down first and gain control of the match. Talia goes on to lock Alyssa in several painful submission holds. Talia, gets a little too focused on her trash talking and a little too comfortable with her control over Alyssa, that give Alyssa a change to break free. Before Talia fully even knows what’s happened, Alyssa has turned this match around and is now in control. Now it is Talia who is on the receiving end of painful submission holds, but Alyssa doesn’t just want to win, she wants to dominate and humiliate. After Alyssa’s weakened Talia, she forces Talia to kiss her shoes, she then takes off Talia’s shoes, and one of her socks and stuffs it in Talia’s mouth. Soon after that, Alyssa stuffs her shoe down Talia’s throat and finally she covers Talia’s nose and mouth with Talia’s own shoe. The stench only being enough to put Talia out for good. Alyssa stands over her fallen foe and flexes proudly for the camera.

Got another Defeated review for you guys and the new converse sneakers trend continues here in with the Hungarian roster as Talia takes on Alyssa. This is another one of those situations where someone’s mouth gets them in trouble. Talia talks a great game, but Alyssa was the one who was able to back it up. Talia has control for a short period of time and then Alyssa dominates the rest of the video. Talia is a great jobber and I love seeing her lose. Also Alyssa is pretty strong looking, so it comes as no surprise that she can overpower and dominate Talia. But it also seems that Alyssa would make a pretty good jobber too. We’ll just have to wait and see. I like the outfits here too, Talia is just in a t-shirt and panties, but of course makes it looks super sexy. And Alyssa is in a sexy school girl outfit that just looks outstanding on her fit body. I love the both ladies are wearing converse sneaker, there was a focus on making Talia kiss and lick the sneakers and I love that the Converse are the what Alyssa uses to KO Talia in the end. I think that if Defeated did all their foot fetish stuff, but instead of using bare feet, they used converse, I’d really like that a lot. Overall, of course I love the converse sneakers, I love seeing Talia get mostly dominated, especially after talking all that trash and although Alyssa won this one I look forward to her taking an L, she seems like she might be a pretty solid jobber too, along with being a more the capable powerful heel.

Overall Score: 9/10