Review of Trophy Match

Review of Fem Wresting Rooms Trophy Match – 13 mins

This custom ordered video was fun to do because the main premise is to have Peyton and Renee knock each other out quickly then do long poses while holding the losers head up by the hair. Round one has Peyton finishing off Renee with a figure four head scissor. Round two has Renee winning with a camel clutch and sleeper hold. Round three finds Peyton coming back with a clothesline and rope choke (with an especially sweet “trophy” pose on the edge of the ring). Renee isn’t done yet though and quickly slaps a sleeper hold on Peyton to win the fourth round. But Round five and the match goes to Peyton who is simply too experienced for the cute blond. Peyton finishes Renee off with a front DDT then removes one of her socks to hog tie her for the final “trophy” victory pose. We’re sure you’ll love this fun match!

This is a cool match with a very simple and fun premise, Peyton and Renee trade KOs, followed by showing the sleeping girls face by laying her face down and pulling her head up by her hair. It’s actually a pose that I really like to see, but never thought I would see a video focused on that aspect. So I was pretty excited to see this one. I am continue to like what I’m seeing for Renee so far, she’s such a good looking girl and her selling is getting better and better by the video, as you would expect. Peyton does show off her experience here, just being a smoother on both sides of the match, always a pleasure watching Peyton perform. I like the outfits too, the long socks are a nice alterative to boots, and there are some nice close ups of the sock covered feet, which I liked, although I didn’t feel like the pantyhose were needed. The final “trophy” pose was the best of all, which it should be. I love the Renee was hogged tied with her own sock, the shown off and victory posed over. This is a style of match I would like to see more, like Becca and Persephone immediately come to mind as two I would love to see, but there are plenty of good combinations of talented FWR girls that could make this an ongoing series.

Overall Score: 9.5/10