Review of Triple Tag Tussle

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTriple Tag Tussle – 11 mins

The FWR wrestling ring can barely contain the beautiful triple tag team match featuring the rookie team of Reni, Renee, and Violet versus the veteran team of Becca, Peyton, and Madison. The bell rings and the match immediately becomes a one sided domination from the veterans to the rookies! Becca works over Violet with a camel clutch, a body scissors, and a boston crab. The girls make their tags and Madison dominates Renee with a torture rack, a choke on the ropes, and a standing head scissors. Another tag is made and Peyton gets Reni to the mat with a snap mare followed by a figure four leglock, an arm bar, and a leg lock/hair pull combo! Before you know it ALL six beauties are in the ring and the veteran team finishes off the rookies with matching camel clutches, head scissors, and a final sleeper hold that puts all three of the sexy rookies to sleep. Becca, Madison, and Peyton pile the losers up and take their well deserved victory poses!

Is it funny that it was surprising to me that this match when exactly like it should have? I mean the veterans are supposed to be able to wipe the floor with the rookies, which makes total sense. It’s I expected some kind of unexpected difficulties or cheating or something to give the rookies a glimmer of hope, but nope, not this time. Each rookie is completely out skilled and over powered by their veteran opponents. Then of course all hell breaks looks as Becca, Madison and Peyton drag all three girls into the ring for a final series of moves. It was almost too easy. But it was simple and fun to watch the veterans flex their muscles and dominate some noobs. And it’s was another good showing of some of the newer talent at FWR. There was one that made a lasting impression on me and that was Violet. She’s got big eye that she can roll really well and I just love that. She did the same in a one on one squash vs Madison that I remember as well. Not saying Renee or Reni did anything wrong, they just can’t eyerolling like Violet and eyerolling is just one of those things I look for. Oh, and the body pile at the end was the perfect ending to this 6 woman tag squash match. There’s a lot of new faces at FWR and hopeful we can keep seeing as much and as many of them as possible, so we can see what skills they all have for us.

Overall Score: 9/10