Review of Trina Gets a Rematch

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTrina Gets a Rematch – 11.5 Mins

trenaWe recently found this video in our files and had almost forgotten about it! As you recall, in “Trina Gets Tricked“, Layla refereed a match featuring Trina vs Becca. It soon became evident that Layla was a far from impartial referee and helped Becca defeat the visiting model. In this match we find Layla in the ring being congratulated on her recent string of victories. Trina sneaks into the ring and slaps a sleeper hold on the unsuspecting blond and knocks her out. Intent on revenge, Trina wakes Layla up and attacks her in the corner with belly punches. A fireman’s carry and airplane spin have Layla groggy and easily maneuvered into a scissor hold. Thinking she’s got the match won, Trina hoists Layla upside down for a tombstone pile driver but the experienced blond snaps her legs TIGHT around Trina’s head bringing her down to the mat. “Now it’s my turn!”, says Layla as she proceeds to destroy the statuesque beauty with a corner foot choke, a one legged choke, some choking on the ropes, a cross body pin, and finally a knock out dragon sleeper. Layla ends her dominance with several sexy victory poses with her shoe on the unconscious beauty’s body and face. Poor Trina!

I don’t feel like Trina’s visit to FWR was a year ago already, but sure enough, it was. I’m glad Rick found this one, as we get to watch as Trina fails to gain her revenge, only to be defeated again at the hand of the much smaller Layla. At least the sneak attack gave Trina about half of the time in control. Layla sells pretty well there with a KO too, but it really get good when Layla takes over. I feel like Layla is a better as the heel and Trina as the jobber, even though she bigger then Layla. I also like the moves Layla used, a lot of chokes, using her feet, her legs and the ropes then nice dragon sleeper for the KO. Of course plenty of victory poses to wrap this one up. It was good to see Trina defeated again, it reminds me that it’s about time she came back for another visit. After all, Layla’s not around anymore, so there’s nothing to fear, right?

Overall Score: 8.5/10