Review of Tricked & Mistreated! Part 3

Review of Velvets Fantasies Tricked & Mistreated! Part 3 – 20 mins

We fade in on the lovely Coco and Eden exchanging some spooky Halloween tales during a sleep-over, with Coco scaring Eden badly after telling her about the history of her house.  She describes an evil masked entity that kidnapped dozens of women many years before…an entity that returns for more victims as the girls get ready for bed.  A man wearing a skull mask (SK) enters and attacks Eden, chloroforming her in bed, only to do the same to Coco in the bathroom.  He carries the limp Latina over to her friend’s sleeping body and proceeds to dispense more KOs.  He uses a taser, a blackjack, and a double syringe attack as they attempt to escape, leaving them piled up in the hallway.  The two beautiful damsels wake up minutes later and wonder if it was all a dream…just as sleeping gas fills the room.  The girls moan, rolling their eyes as they go out yet again.  The specter carries them off, but removes his mask at the last second.  He reveals himself to be a frat-boy sent to the house to perform an intense hazing ritual on the two wannabe sorority sisters as he leaves the house…but a final pan to a closed door reveals the actual demon: waiting in the darkness all along. 

This was obvious the Halloween special for Velvets Fantasies, but that doesn’t mean it’s only good to watch or buy around Halloween, and as it stars not only the lovely Coco, but the amazing Eden as well, I figured even though I didn’t get around to this video when it was brand new, it was still worth checking out now. So, right off the bat, I have to mention that one of my favorite things about Eden is just how expressive her face is, whether playing and cold, emotionless fembot, or being horrified by a scary story Eden’s face can always tell you what she’s feeling. That also works really great for her KOs as well. So, I love the Coco scares the crap out of Eden with her spooky story, it’s a really fun to watch and nice set up for this video. Once the KOs start coming, we get treated to all the things we expect and love about sleepy/limp play videos, tons of limp play, some carries, a few body piles, really great groggy failed escapes and great KO positions. Plenty of great KO toys get used, all causing fantastic reactions from both ladies.  Also the outfits here are really great and we gets some truly wonderful, jaw dropping shots in this video. I also think this is the best eyerolling we’ve seen from Coco. These two lovely talents make a great pairing and deliver one of the most memorable tricked and mistreated videos. Without a doubt this is video that I will be enjoying all year around.

Overall Score: 9.9/10