Review of Tribal war 4

Review of Amazon WarriorsTribal war 4 – 15.5 Mins

This video has 3 major sections and stars 8 beautiful girls, most playing multiple roles. Section 1 is the battle itself, Two rival tribes go to war using bows and arrows. Both tribes take multiple casualties until only a few remain standing. Section 2, the sole survivors from both groups finish off all wounded enemies, then loot them for any useful weapons or clothing. Finally, a few of the fallen are grouped together and there is an overview of all the carnage that took place in this heated battle.      

Going out on a bit of a limb here to bring you guys something new and different. An amazon battle, from a production called Amazon Warriors, using bows and arrows as the fight over this castle (I think). I’ve actually been a fan of this production for a long time. I normal shy away from the addition of blood in most of my videos, but that’s mainly because no one really takes the time and care it takes to make it look good. AW does make it look good, almost like Hollywood quality. In fact everything about this production scream high quality, from all their beautiful and talented cast, their awesome set, to the editing and final 1080 videos. This video starts out with some crazy fast paced action, then once the majority of the warriors have fallen, there’s some stripping/boot removal as well as taking out any girls still squirming around. Then the last section of the video is just looking over all the body piles and chaos that ensued during this video. I’m not sure if you guys will dig this as much as I hope, so please let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more from this very crazy, very awesome production.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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