Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTRACY JORDAN vs TINY – 33 mins

6’9 Tiny strikes yet again…and this time it’s against the beautiful Tracy Jordan, who issues a challenge to anyone in the SKW locker room.   The big man shows up and takes control, pulling Tracy’s hair, accepting her proposal, and slamming her into the wall for some brutal belly blows that lead to a 30+ minute beatdown she’ll never forget!   A bonus KO (after an epic series of them) ends it for the lovely brunette as Tiny finally leaves the scene, but not before re-defining the word “heel” in yet another perfect SKW squash!

This is a vid that I feel had to happen when we get lucky enough to have Tracy Jordan at SKW. As per usual this squash starts out with the monster sneaking up on his victim, but at least Tracy has done her homework, when she figures out that the only person around she can face is Tiny, she rightfully panics, but it’s already too late. Then of course we are treated with the kind of moves that made Tiny famous coupled with the type of OTT selling that has made Tracy famous and the combination can only be described as glorious. This video is also made better by Tracy being in the best shape I can ever remember, she just looks outstanding right now and I love her now more than ever. As I said this video is something I feel had to happen and I think all of us mixed wrestling/male dom fans really wanted to see, so don’t miss this instant classic.

Overall Score: 9.9/10