Review of Tracy Climbs a Mountain, Only to have that Mountain Destroy Her

Review of DefeatedTracy Climbs a Mountain, Only to have that Mountain Destroy Her – 29.5 mins

We fade in to see Tracy putting a mysterious liquid on a rag. We that see Poison, or as “The Queen” Elizabeth likes to call her, “The Mountain”, standing in the mat room, probably plotting her world domination, but she’s not paying attention to her surroundings as Tracy rushes in and applies that very same rag across the nose and mouth of Poison. Much to our surprise that mysterious liquid has quite the effect on Poison as she quickly gets weaken by the chemical. Tracy quickly throws the rag aside and The Mountain beings to crumble, but she’s not out yet. Tracy next locks on a sleeper, which continues to weaken Poison. She’s down but not out, so Tracy continues her efforts in taking down the mighty Poison. Move after energy draining move Poison continues to weakly struggle against her foe. But finally after almost 15 minutes of struggling Poison finally goes out cold. Tracy isn’t done yet though, she slaps Poison until she barely wakes up, Tracy then takes the next few minutes the KO Poison several times before finally leaving the 6 ft 7 amazon face down on the mats. We fade in some time later to see Poison slowly coming to and struggling to her feet. Once standing again, although unsteady, Poison swears that she will get her revenge. Next we fade in on Tracy, working out in the mat room, by herself, when out of nowhere Poison rushes in, dumbbell in hand and with an audible CLANK, Poison puts Tracy lights out with a blow to the head. This is just the beginning Poison claims as she begins ragdolling the completely limp and unresponsive Tracy. These some moaning a little bit of twitching from the unconscious Tracy as Poison applies several wrestling moves. Poison also strips Tracy of her work out clothes along the way. Tracy stays completely out for several minutes before Poison finally wakes her up, but this payback session isn’t done yet a long held sleeper hold forces Tracy back into unconsciousness and makes her drool a little bit, but belly punches wake her back up, that is, for a little while, until too many of those belly punches put her right back out. Poison, feeling she’s had her revenge takes a her victory pose over the destroyed Tracy.

Back with more Defeated action and this time the unexpected happens and that’s Defeated monster heel Poison gets taken down and ragdolled. I guess it was only a matter of time before someone asked for this to happen, but it’s still really crazy to see. The good news is, Poison is actually a pretty good jobber and it was actually really good to see her get beaten up a little. Tracy does cheat a bit to make this happen, but who doesn’t like a little cheating every now and then? Also Poison does get her pay back, after she recovers she promises to get revenge and she does. Doing a little cheating herself, Poison whacks Tracy in the head with a dumbbell and now Tracy gets to be the ragdoll. And that makes the title of this video makes sense, when Elizabeth met Poison, Elizabeth kept calling her “The Mountain” so Tracy was on top of that “Mountain” for a little while, but that mountain got it’s revenge, destroying Tracy in the end. The one isn’t super over the top, but it is an awesome double ragdolling vids and the first time we’ve ever seen Poison on the losing side, but hopefully not the last.

Overall Score: 9.9/10