Review of Toying with the Competition

Review of Knockout CatsMisty Lovelace vs. Luna (Toying with the Competition) – 10.5 mins

Our first shoot at FetCon!!! We got two absolutely gorgeous young ladies together to fight it out in a hotel room. Misty Lovelace destroys Luna in this one-sided catfight. She enjoys her domination, restrains Luna with rope, and then toys with her opponent before knocking her out for good. No need for a complex plot in this one. Misty and Luna meet up for a fight, and Misty starts it off with some belly punches. She strips Luna down to her lacy bikini and then discards her own dress to reveal her silver bikini. Luna is tossed onto the bed, where Misty applies a sleeper hold while stretching Luna out. Luna is put to sleep, and Miss Lovelace strikes several victory poses in celebration of an easy win, including shaking her booty over Luna as she snoozes. Luna awakens just to be stretched over Misty’s knee in a back breaker. Misty yanks Luna to her knees by her hair, and bends her backward in a dragon sleeper while adding a body scissors just for good measure. Luna is out like a light again and Misty prepares her for the next phase of her punishment. When we fade back in, Misty has just finished restraining Luna’s arm and legs with rope. With Luna helplessly tied in a compromising position, Misty alternates between caressing Luna’s body and punching her in her unprotected stomach. Poor Luna struggles to free herself, but there’s no hope as Misty has her fun with the damsel in distress. Misty positions herself in a full mount, and toys with Luna some more before knocking her out once more with a breast smother. Misty, satisfied with her work, leaves Luna tied and defeated on the bed.

Knockout Cats has released another video and this one shot at Fetcon stars one of my all-time favorites, Luna and Luna gets totally dominated. That alone should tell you guys that I loved this video. The heel of this video is a beautiful girl that I never heard of before, Misty Lovelace, but she does a wonderful job being evil to poor Luna and loving every bit of it. The way Misty giggles with joy while dominating Luna is fantastic. Misty also looks just as good in her shiny bikini as she shakes her booty and poses over Luna during the KOs. Luna, of course is fantastic in every way, as always. She starts out acting tough but is immediately in big trouble as she begins to get dominated. Her reactions are perfect as well, reaction to the belly punches just right, rolling her eyes for the KOs and being just overall unhappy with being tied up and dominated. Even though it’s not an over the top performance, there is nothing I would change about the way Luna sold this. I love the mix of moves and humiliation tactics here too, with some nice belly punches, a few KOs, some wrestling holds, a little bondage, struggling, stripping, victory poses, some helplessness and plenty of trash talk, Knockout Cats jams a lot of awesome content into this video and with it starting the lovely Luna, I think I have no choice but to call this my favorite Knockout Cats video to date. It’s too bad this was a Fetcon shoot, I would love to see much more of these two going at it. I wouldn’t even mind if Luna got some revenge on Misty, would love to see how she sells being dominated. Nonetheless I am really happy they had the opportunity to make this video. Any chance to see Luna being KO is something I am all about.

Overall Score: 9.5/10